Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Dec 31, 08     Comments Off on Juvenile Hermit Crab


Good evening friends, this will be my last blog of the year! But fear not I shall return in 2009 will hopefully many more new and wonderful images from our life in Curacao on land and underwater! Without sounding like a broken record I want to thank everyone again for everything!! Does that make any sense? You know who you are, Tom in Tucson, our Aunt Shari, my Mom, Mike and Jean at Ikelite, our friends in Rapid City, Nancy and Donley Darnell, Aimee’s family, my Boulder and Denver friends and everyone else that has been there for us in one way or another, you guys are the best and we could not have done this adventure without your support! We had a great year!! The fireworks have been going all day and are getting louder as I type, Inca has crawled under the table and is at my feet, she hates this noise. We are walking up the street just a block away to a friends house at 9:00 for a New Years party, not sure I will make it till midnight but will try??
You photo is another from my last night dive with Missy, Aimee’s sister. This is another micro 1/8th inch crab I found running across the sand at night. This little thing was so small that I could hardly see him, I had to let the camera’s auto focus do all the work and pray for the best. Our friend and advisor Tom suggested that these little crabs are just babies of the bigger ones we see all the time but one never sees these as they are so small? Works for me!
The noise has really increased outside, better go check it out!! Have a safe New Year, talk to you next year, Barry and Aimee
Dec 30, 08     Comments Off on Wet Red Macaw


Good evening from noisy Curacao! Yes it’s already starting to sound like the island is being bombed with fireworks going off every second I sit here! A friend of mine bought some fireworks yesterday that would be illegal in most countries! This thing he had was almost the size of a stick of dynamite and from what he said produced the same effect!? I told him he was just plain insane to be holding those when lighting them, he just laughed. Tomorrow evening will be completely insane here and I am sure it will be seen from space, these folks love their fireworks?
A friend asked just the other day about Rufo and as luck has it I took this shot of him yesterday after a big down-pour completely soaked him. He is just so funny!
Today just came and went? I am sitting here now wondering what did I do today? I mostly just hung out around the house working on the computer and getting photos of the family ready to send back with them, that took quite awhile! Around 3:00 I took Missy and Bobbi to the “polished glass beach” and let them go crazy picking up treasures! We all found some wonderful things, I wish I could buy that whole section of beach with the glass and market it, really nice stuff.
That’s about it, see you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 29, 08     Comments Off on Tiny Hermit crab


Good morning, as you already guessed I was too busy last night to get my daily out but fear not here it is. Right after work yesterday we loaded up the dive gear and went to our favorite dive spot in front of “the Dive Bus” at Pier Baai for a night dive with Missy. While we took off into the water Aimee’s parents got a table on the beach at Surf and Turf and had kind of a front row seat getting to watch us do our thing. We jumped in around 7:00, this was Missy’s first night dive and she did great! No more than two seconds after going under I spotted a flounder buried in the sand with just his eyes poking out and next an octopus just sitting on a rock watching us. This was to be the evening of finding all kinds of tiny small new crabs, for some reason they were everywhere? I was hoping to get help with finding out the name of this mega tiny 1/4th inch crab? I know I have a lot of smart divers out there so please send me his name if you know it, we couldn’t find him in the books? Aimee asked me “how in the world did you ever spot that thing”? I was swimming inches above the reef very slowly and saw this tiny “something” move! I turned around, had to relocate him again and found a place in the sand to lay to steady the camera. He was so small but so cool, this is one of three different crabs I found last night. We also found a one inch starfish at the exit. In all the dives here we have only seen one other starfish like this one so it was pretty exciting, I will send that as well. The whole dive lasted around an hour, Missy and Aimee had a great time together and stuck together like glue the whole dive. I think it was Missy that found a giant coral crab and a beautiful parrotfish sleeping in a sponge bowl, had the wrong lens for that shot! After the dive we joined the parents on the beach for dinner, it was perfect ending to a great night dive!
See you tomorrow, Curacao regards, Barry
Dec 28, 08     Comments Off on Curacao Sailboats


Just a short note to say hello and show you a couple of the sailboats that passed by our place today. I don’t know what was going on but sailboat after sailboat went by this afternoon in every color and size you can imagine, it was quite the sight! We again had rain off and on today making it difficult to plan anything as these storms come out of nowhere and dump sheets of rain in just seconds!
We all just got home from going out to eat and everyone is ready for bed. I am sorry so short but Missy needs her bedroom. See ya, Barry
Dec 27, 08     Comments Off on Dolphin Rocket Ride


Hello readers, this is our friend Avila doing what we call “the Rocket Ride”!  What’s a Rocket ride you ask??  Well first of all you have to be a really good swimmer and be able to hold your breath! Normally how this is done is the trainer is pushed by their feet by one or two dolphins to the bottom of the lagoon at high speed!  Once under the water as deep as they can get the dolphins push them straight up and into thin air, from there you can dive, do a back flip or just do a nice straight feet first landing as seen here, it’s very exciting to watch!  For some of you that have been with me the whole time you remember Aimee doing this and the insane swan dives she used to do, boy was that a long time ago!  Also since we are headed down memory lane, this is the same Avila that swam with baby Papito in 2004, that was my first baby I ever saw and photographed and she was part of it. Our little Avila is not so little anymore, she is here on holiday but lives in Holland and is going to school in Sweden, this girl can tell you stories as she has been all over doing all kinds of cool things!
Today was rain, rain, rain again, geez I just can’t believe it?  Aimee took her sister and parents on a two hour snorkel along the coast this morning starting at the Saba tugboat.  From there they drifted with the current almost a mile back to the Sea Aquarium, they had a great time!  I worked all day in the rain and came home soaked, it’s now time for dinner and then off to bed!  
Have a great weekend, Barry
Dec 26, 08     Comments Off on Jumping Dolphins


Hey guys, this one is for my poor neglected dolphin fanatics who think I have completely forgotten about them!  This is Teresa (up front) and Copan doing some nice jumps out in the wild blue open ocean!!  Aimee and I love working at a place that lets the dolphins go outside for some fun on the reef on a daily basis.  There are no fenced in areas, no underwater rock walls, no nets, it’s just them out having a good time in the ocean.  After our dives or snorkels are over they always follow the boat back into the lagoon and swim thru a gate to their waiting families, it’s so cool!  If you remember Teresa has a one year old baby still named Kayena and while Teresa is outside her daughter is being watched by other members of the pod, it’s really amazing.  Anyways thought my dolphin folks would like this so this one’s for you!
I again spent all day at the aquarium taking pictures, we have a lot of cool things going on.  Aimee and her family also did a dolphin swim today and it sounds like they had a wonderful time.  The family just left here for a little sunset boat trip inside Spanish water, I think I may jump on the bike and go for a little ride.
Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 25, 08     Comments Off on Divers Next to a Stove Pipe Sponge


Good evening one and all, did you all have a fun Christmas?? Ours was great!  We first had Dutch pancakes then all sat in the living room and opened gifts, it was a lot of fun.  I gave Aimee all her gifts from my trip to the States that friends sent with me to give to her, she loved them all! I got a two wheel cart to carry my dive gear back and forth on at the aquarium, that will really help save my back.  Missy got me this cool green metal sculpture in the shape of a gecko that I will probably mount on a fun piece of driftwood.  Aimee’s parents got me all kinds of cool things like my favorite movie on DVD, “the Goonies”, some new flip flops and an envelope filled with some bling-bling which will most likely go towards getting me a little dive computer.  Aimee made out like a bandit as well with all kinds of new jewelry and clothes, she has had a smile pasted on her face all day!  We ended up spending almost all day at work even though it was our day off playing and photographing the dolphins, I am sun-burned and fried and can hardly wait to go to bed!  We had Christmas dinner at a little place called Surf and Turf.  We had a table set up two feet from the waters edge in the sand, really what more could you ask for?
That’s about it, hope your day was as fun as ours, Sunny regards, Barry
Oh yeah, this is Aimee and her sister diving together on the reef in front of a cluster of purple stove pipe sponges.
Dec 24, 08     Comments Off on Palm Tree with Christmas Lights


Wow can you all believe it’s Christmas?  I want to know if your year went as fast as ours did or if yours just crept along?  It’s 6:30 Christmas Eve and we are on our way (walking) up the street to our neighbors house for a little pre Christmas party.  Our little tree upstairs in packed with presents, I see the Santa’s were very busy today while I was at work?  I am super tired from a very crazy day, it was so busy, it seems the economy is not affecting dolphin swims at the moment?
I took this picture down on the beach just for you guys Have a super fun filled safe Christmas day, I will talk to you tomorrow.  Merry Christmas again, Barry and Aimee
Dec 23, 08     Comments Off on Beach at Groot Knip


Good evening,  here’s yet another shot from our last day at the beach.  This little girl was so funny and so friendly she kind of just appointed us as her designated beach guardians.  Her mom was there but sitting off in the distance kind of just letting her do whatever she wanted.  Well I was trying to take pictures of the beach, Missy and Aimee but every time I posed them or got ready to shoot here came our little friend almost feeling left out?  So if you can’t beat them, join them.  This little girl just loved the waves rolling in and crashing at her feet. She threw up her arms and yelled every time a new one came in!  After ten or so waves Aimee and Missy then joined in adding to the experience, it was pretty funny! 
Busy day around here, I went and cleaned the Inca trail first thing this morning, worked on my new driftwood creation, took the ladies grocery shopping (which was complete madness) and went for a one hour bike ride.  Aimee and her parents went on a boat ride at 3:00 touring the Punda harbor area, it sounds like they had a great time.  We are still getting rain, the salt ponds are as full as I have ever seen them and many of the trails are now underwater making mountain biking even more difficult. 
I have the grill a blazing as we speak, actually I have 2 grills going because we have 5 people so I have to go!  Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 22, 08     Comments Off on Crazy Water 1


Hey gang,  I haven’t sent one of these out in a long time and have forgotten what number this is??  On the mornings when the water is calm I am able to get these “crazy water” shots from the reflections of the buildings across our little lagoon we have, and of course no two are ever the same!  In the Photoshop here we have a lot of people running around with camera’s on any given day.  One would think that any photographer would be all over this cool scene?? But time after time it’s just me with the others walking by just laughing at me or shaking their heads wondering why I am still taking these types of photos well, I just plain think they are cool!  
Today was one of the busiest days so far leaving me totally wiped out and not wanting to do anything else after work.  Aimee and her mom and sister all took the dogs to Saint Joris this evening for a fun hike, it sounds like they all had a great time!  Tomorrow morning I am going to get on my bike for the first time and take the dogs for a nice long ride, let’s hope it doesn’t rain??
I am off to bed, see ya, Barry
Dec 21, 08     Comments Off on Diver with Brown Tube Sponge


Hey Gang, I know it’s the weekend and most of you won’t even get this till Monday but here it is just the same. I just got out of the water an hour ago with a fun little reef dive with Aimee and her sister Missy on the reef at the aquarium. This is Missy, and yes I agree they look a lot alike! Missy did a great job today helping me add some life to my underwater scenes by swimming back and forth over some selected sponges and coral like you see here. The dive was really nice, the water was very clear and there were fish everywhere, what else could you ask for, ok a shark or a turtle would have been nice! Everyone always asks, is the water so cold that you need wetsuits?? Good question! The water is around 79-81 degrees at any given time. You don’t need a wetsuit it just makes the dive much more comfortable, and it seems like the ladies always get cold easier than men, don’t ask me why? Also the wetsuits keep you protected from anything that stings like firecoral or little see-thru jellyfish.

I trust your all having a great weekend, talk to you tomorrow, Barry

Dec 20, 08     Comments Off on Curacao Sea Lion Dive


Hi friends, how is the weekend going??  I had e-mail after e-mail wanting another sea lion shot so like a good little boy here you go!  I have told our sea lion folks at work that I am interested in going again and taking more pictures so at least I am on the list, I will keep you posted.
Very little to report today, it was work, work, work, and it was hot out here today!  When I got to work there was no wind, the ocean was almost dead calm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, we all knew it was going to be miserable!
I am cooking dinner on the grill as I type and it’s about ready, see you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 19, 08     Comments Off on Woman Sitting on a Beach in Curacao


Good evening gang,  had a bunch of requests asking to see a picture of Aimee’s family so to start you off this is her sister Missy.  This was taken yesterday right after the whole family finished an hour of snorkeling.  Once out of the water the girls quickly shed their little wetsuits tossed them on the beach and proceeded to do the “lay in the sun and warm up thing” and I of course I was there to take pictures!  Missy is from New Mexico where she has worked with wild wolves at Ted Turners ranch for the past 10 years!  I think it’s safe to say they are all having a wonderful time here and we sure are enjoying their company!
Today I drove all over the island trying to find shocks for our car, no luck! We have a 1995 Toyota Corolla but it’s a European model from Holland so no one has parts, not sure what we are going to do??  I then spent hours working on a new driftwood table but ran into problem after problem because of warped wood and not being able to get anything to fit together the way I wanted it to??  Ah the joys of wood-working!
Have a bunch to do tonight, talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 18, 08     Comments Off on Playa Groot Knip


Good evening from sunny Curacao! This one is for all my friends freezing in the States right now, I really feel for you but am soooo glad I am not there!!  If this photo doesn’t get my friends thinking about a visit here then I guess nothing is going to work!  We had a blast here today at Playa Groot Knip.  The three girls seen here on the beach giving me the “OK” sign are from left to right, Aimee, Missy and Bobbi all dressed up and ready to go!  I think when I took this Phil “Aimee’s dad” was already out snorkeling, he just plain gave up waiting for those girls to get ready and said “I will see you out there”!  Yours truly stayed dry today.  I walked all around this little patch of paradise taking pictures and keeping an eye on our gear while the others took to the water.  I did get another real nice panoramic shot here today and will eventually get it to you, your gonna love it. Anyways, it was a fun afternoon of playing in the sand and water, dining under the cabana’s and listening to the waves crash gently onto the beach.  
Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Dec 17, 08     Comments Off on Peacock Flower


Good evening from rainy Curacao!  I would first like to apologize to the guys out there for all the flowers as of late but the ladies just keep requesting them!  Everything is in bloom right now so I figure why not be taking full advantage of it?  For this shot I had to crawl inside the main bush “which is very thorny” and shoot up at this single beautiful bloom which I tried to encircle with blurred green foliage, not sure I got exactly what I saw but came close.  
I worked all day while Aimee entertained and we had rain off and on most of the day.  At 3:30 Aimee brought the family to the aquarium and we all headed out into the ocean, three of us on scuba and the parents snorkeling high above us.  The dive was very nice, we stayed kind of deep to avoid some cloudy water brought on by rain but all in all it was great.
Have to get ready for our big Christmas dinner/party at the Sea Aquarium tonight.  Thanks for all the compliments you guys are great!  Till tomorrow, Barry



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