Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Jan 31, 09     Comments Off on A Day at San Juan in Curacao


Hey guys, found this old picture of Aimee and Inca last night from our last trip to the beautiful beaches at San Juan. Inca would ran past Aimee “who was trying to splash her” at top speed trying not to get wet, she had so much fun with this game and I still laughlooking at this picture!

Not much to report, my Dengue is much better, now I am waiting for my foot to heal, geez what a month!! Hope all is well out there, may head back to work tomorrow. See ya, Barry

Jan 28, 09     Comments Off on Curacao Playa Ascension Panoramic


Good morning one and all,  I completely forgot to send this out and just came across it this morning in a waiting folder.  I sure hope you are all able to view this, I know it’s big but I think it’s the only way to appreciate it!  This again is one of our most favorite places on the island, Playa Ascension!  The long road on the left side of the photo is the road we walk to get here and in the far distance you can see Christoffel mountain (looks like a volcano).  There are hiking trails everywhere here but be warned getting to this spot where we took this shot can be hazardous to your health!! Wear your best boots!  Every time I see this shot I remember just what a great adventure we had and what a beautiful morning it was, this place is truly a must see for everyone who visits!
Feeling a little better today may attempt to go to work for a short time tomorrow, we will see! Till tomorrow, Barry
Jan 27, 09     Comments Off on Dolphin Training


Thank goodness for these last pictures Aimee took they are not only turning out to be a big hit but also it’s making my life much easier.  If I am not mistaken this was not only taken by her but that’s also her foot??  Nice trick huh??  I am feeling a little better today for the first time but still not able to go back to work.  Many, many thanks to everyone who sent me a get well wish yesterday, that’s the most mail we ever received in one day!!  I wish I had something to tell you but I just have a splitting headache again, talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jan 25, 09     Comments Off on Curacao Dolphin


Good morning,  well, it’s been one week today for me at home, what a drag!!  Aimee was out of here early this morning to do a bike ride with about 2000 other people as part of the annual “Ride for the Roses” event.  The group started near the aquarium and rode to Punda across the floating bridge and then back again haven’t seen her yet to find out how things went.  I do know she will be the only rider sporting a Bart Brentjens Team Dolphin jersey, she looked like a million bucks!  
This is another fun shot she took the other day, I really like this one.  Hope your Sunday is better than mine, talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jan 24, 09     Comments Off on Curacao Dolphin Dive


Good evening,  I am still sick as dog with this garbage and tried to go to the doctor today?  Our doctors office like so many on this mixed up island is only open from 8am till 10am and then re-opens on some days from 4pm to 6pm but today it was only open for two hours??  Don’t get me started!  I have been in bed most of the day with a splitting headache, sore bones and the worst backache ever!
This is “Dances with Dolphin’s Arjan” and his wife Rixt.  I have done a lot of dolphin dives on the reef and Arjan was by the most in control I have ever seen from a joining diver, Annie and Copan just could not get enough of him!! 
Sorry so short, my head feels like it’s going to explode and even the sound of me pressing the keypad hurts!  Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jan 24, 09     Comments Off on Split Level Dolphin


Hey guys,  still sick and not feeling any better so this is going to be short.  Your photo today is from Aimee!  See it’s not just me who takes fun underwater photos my dear wife has the taste for it as well.  Quite often at work she will grab my camera and go for a snorkel and like last time use up every picture on the 8G card?  I had to ever so gently tell her it’s not a machine gun it’s a camera, so take your time!  She came home with a ton of cool shots the other day making me think that we are going to have to put her best shots on the new website as well. 
My head is spinning, later, Barry
Jan 23, 09     Comments Off on Dolphin Diving in Curacao


Good morning from Sickville!  It’s looking like I have Dengue now, this is by the far the strangest illness I have ever had.  This is day 4 at home for me, still not feeling much better. 
This is our fearless leader George out on the reef with Annie and Copan.  This photo was taken at around 37 feet deep right at the edge of the reef.  This was taken a few days ago when Arjan and Rixt did the dive with him and the two dolphins.  To get to dive on the reef with dolphins is just so cool. It’s really an amazing thing that after playing with us that they will follow the boat back to shore and gate back into the lagoon, that is some serious trust on both ends!
I am going back to bed, have a great day, Barry
Jan 22, 09     Comments Off on Diver and Seafan


Good evening gang, I have been home all day resting.  I feel better than I did yesterday but still feel dizzy and fatigued.  The strange thing about this illness is that I am able to eat?  I am very hungry and very thirsty, go figure huh?  The good side to staying home was that I was able to watch our new President get sworn in, that was quite the show! 
This is our beautiful friend Floor.Some of you who have been on the list a long time have seen her before and I remember getting mail asking if she has a boyfriend??  Floor left us in tears yesterday with her island dog “Bubbles” headed back to Holland.  I think we have known her since we first got here and to say we are going to miss her is a real understatement!  We had talked for years about doing an underwater photo shoot with her but it just never seemed to happen, so like I always say “better late than never”!  I want to thank her again for putting up with me underwater.  For those of you who have dove with me you know I am a bit of a perfectionist!  Like others I had poor Floor swim around that sea fan more times than I could count, but every shot is so different and only a few are to my liking! 
That’s about it, the dogs are wanting fed, talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jan 21, 09     Comments Off on Deep Water Crinoid


Good morning, I came home sick as a dog last night, I was very cold with a high fever, sore muscles, and very thirsty?  The neighbors gave me some meds and seemed to work great, it was a long night but so far I feel better? 
This is another “creature from the deep”, and was again found past the 500 foot mark!  This is some kind of crinoid and looks so prehistoric.  The setting I placed this in is almost identical to where it was found, just sand and rocks.  These crinoids are filter feeders of sorts grabbing floating bits of food with their moveable arms.  If you look closely this one is attached to the rock with what looks like feet and have the ability to move from rock to rock. 
Sorry so short, I am going back to bed!  Have a great day, Barry
Jan 19, 09     Comments Off on Deep Water Hermit Crab


Good evening folks, this is going to be short.  This is the beautiful little hermit crab that was found at depths below 500 feet!!  I obviously can’t find him in any books but am still searching for a name?  I love his blue eyes and white stripe on his eye shaft, he’s really a beautiful little creature.  The rock I set him on here was full of tasty little things to eat and he stayed here the whole time never moving.  I went and checked on him today he is still doing well which is amazing considering the great depth he came from?  So once again we are all lucky to get to see something that very few have ever seen, hope you like it.
My day was very quiet other than a trip with the dogs to Saint Joris.  We joined Kaya and gave her lots of hugs, still can’t believe they found her, that is really amazing!  I am off to bed, busy day tomorrow, Barry
Jan 18, 09     Comments Off on Juvenile Scorpionfish


Good morning guys and gals, how is the weekend treating you?  I had the hands down busiest day ever yesterday! I did a dolphin dive out in the ocean with George (trainer), Arjan, Rixt, and Candy and we were joined by Copan and Annie (dolphins), it was nothing short of spectacular and will send those pics your way soon.  For some reason Copan and Annie were completely in love with Arjan?  In all the dives I have done I have never seen dolphins spend that much time with one person other than the trainer?  I am sure it had something to do with the way he was diving, I mean this guy has done thousands of dives and was so comfortable in the water and the dolphins sensed that.  Arjan would turn his whole body upside down in mid-water and lay on his back, they loved it, Copan was like a child with him really great see!  After that dive I no more than got out and our friend Floor met me for a promised underwater photo shoot.  So off I went again with the same tank.  I ended posing Floor next to some nice sea fans and sponges and near the end of the shoot she un-tied her long hair and let it flow the water, she looked like a mermaid!  And yes I promise to get that out to you as well.  After that I met the sub coming up from a deep dive and snorkeled around it shooting pictures of the crane taking it out of the water, always a fun picture!  The sub brought back a hermit crab, a crinoid, a sea urchin and a few sea stars from 500 plus feet!  So cool!  These creatures were all brought up alive and transported immediately to the aquariums.  At 3:30 we had planned on meeting the sub for a photo shoot but it never showed up?  We waited for 30 minutes underwater at 45 feet but no sub so out we went.  Turns out they didn’t get started till later so we ended up just having to cancel as I had no more time to be underwater.  At 6:00 Aimee and I both went back to the aquarium to take the “deep water specimens” back out into the ocean to shoot them in a natural environment.  This ended up taking three hours!  I first took out my macro lens and shot the hermit crab, this little guy has such pretty eyes wait till you see!  I also used the macro lens to shoot sections of the crinoid and sea urchin as well.  While waiting for me to shoot these specimens just laying on the sand that’s when Aimee spotted this very tiny just born scorpionfish!  Folks this is the smallest one we have ever seen!  He was about the size of your thumbnail.  The gravel he is laying on is sand and near his tail is a fish scale, this guy is small and was so cool!  We tried to put a finger next to him for scale but that scared him and he swam up under a coral head never to be seen again!  After my macro shooting was done we left the crinoid out there and took everything else back to the aquarium.  I then changed lens and went back to the ocean by myself and shot the crinoid with a wide angle so the whole creature could be seen, wait till you see, it’s like nothing I have ever sent out before!  So to say we were both wiped out when we got home would be an understatement, I don’t even remember going to bed, just waking up!
The other big adventure yesterday was our friends lost their dog Kaya!  Remember Kaya?  It was one of the puppies we found about a year ago along side the road, that’s how she got her name.  Well she was in the back of a truck and her collar broke and she was gone?  We all searched and searched that night and Aimee took the whole day off yesterday to go search some more without any luck, she came home in tears after hours of driving!  At 5:30 we got a call saying she was just found at a gas station alongside the road, it was the last place they were going to look before calling it another day, can you believe it?  We are having a welcome back party for her tonight!
Sorry so long but a lot going on, I will see you tomorrow, tired Curacao regards, Barry
Jan 17, 09     Comments Off on Launching the Mini Sub


Hey, hey, hey, it’s just me again!!  For all the e-mails asking how do you get the sub in and out of the water, this shots for you!!  The sub sits on a concrete slab out of the water until it’s time to go.  Then when everyone is aboard a crane pulls up, hooks onto it, swings it around and gently set’s it in the water, and off they go!  I am usually the first in because I don’t need the sub waiting on me, they have places to go and things to see.  We never did do our dive with the sub today, there just seemed to one problem after another!  When we got to work today we were warned of strong current and poor visibility, so for a photographer that already says “go do something else”  I did end up doing a nice swim with the dolphins again, when all else fails one always has that to fall back on.  The rest of our day has been fairly quiet, we are headed out to eat at Hooks Hut in a short time anyone wanting to join is very welcome! 
Hope you all had a great day, talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jan 16, 09     Comments Off on Waves at Canoa


Good morning,  Aimee and I have our hands wrapped around our cups of Highlander Groog this morning trying hard to wake up from another very busy fun filled day.  I did two dives with the sub again and one snorkel with the dolphins, amazing how that wipes a person out!  Yesterday I located some areas on the reef that will be used for a photo shoot with the sub today.  Aimee will go with me today taking my Ikelite camera set-up with strobes and I will have the other one we bought for work, so finally I can get pictures of a diver with a camera taking pictures of the sub, should be a whole lot of fun.  After crawling home yesterday we walked up the street to our friends house for a great dinner and stayed there for a few hours.  My night was still not over had to photograph some shells and prepare equipment for today, I went to bed what seems like minutes ago and am sitting here a bit dazed as I type, this island wears me out!
I took this photo for you guys the day I was out shooting the helicopter dropping the divers into the rough sea. I wasn’t kidding when I said the waves were huge!  It’s because of these big waves that I had take pictures from shore, I wised I could have been in the boat, maybe next time?
So much to do this morning, we have our sub-dive at noon, have a great day, Barry
Jan 15, 09     Comments Off on Mini Sub Porthole View


Hey guys, here’s a fun whimsical photo from my last dive with the sub.  Remember I told you that I held onto the sub for a ride back?  Well, while holding on enjoying the view I see a little flashlight signal me thru this tiny little glass port, it was Jeff!  He stuck his face up to the window just long enough for me to get a shot off, It was pretty funny and I found myself giggling the whole way back.  When I got out I asked “what is that little window used for anyways”??  They told me it’s to check the upper deck as they enter the water to make sure all is good before going all the way under or to check on crazy divers that are tagging along for the ride!  These guys also offered me a bottle of drinking water the other day at 80 feet, they put it up to the window and asked if I was thirsty in underwater sign language, I thought to myself, ha, ha very funny!  Today we did just one sub dive but got some new fun shots that are soon to be headed your way!  There was video shot of me today as well, will try and get it on You-Tube or something, it’s pretty cool.   
I hope you all having a nice week, ours has been pretty good and very adventurous!  That’s about it for this evening, we just got home from walking the dogs, putting gas in the car and going shopping, it’s rest time!  Drop us a line we would love to hear from you all,  Sunny regards, Barry 
Jan 14, 09     Comments Off on Mini Submarine


Hi guys, I just got out of the water from a late/crazy dive with the sub.  The plan today was for me to be brought out to where the sub was this time and dive down to meet it and do a photo shoot of sorts in a designated area, that was the plan.  Well seconds before jumping into the boat to go meet the sub I was joined by another diver who wanted to go along as well.  All was going fine, I jumped in first, then my new friend followed but her regulator began purging air upon impacting the water.  I thought she could turn it off but no such luck so I swam over to her from behind and turned off her air.  Seconds later I slowly turned the air back on and all seemed good again but the second she touched it the purging of air started again and by this time I was already underwater now watching from below.  I waited about a minute until the boat came back to pick her up, she was finished as all her air was now drained from the tank, so finally off I went.  Well because of all that excitement I had drifted below the surface past my meeting point.  I went down like a rocket but could not find the sub, I could hear it but could not see it?  Finally I re-surfaced locating the boat which was over the sub and went back down now heading in the right direction.  I finally found them just cruising at 50 feet along the reef as you see here and proceeded to shoot away!  The guy on the right is Jeff he came down here with the sub and is the chief pilot here teaching Bruce who you can’t see how to operate this thing.  The rest of the dive was great we went down to 80 feet took some pictures and then headed up to 60 again.  Jeff signaled me from inside and asked me if I was going to swim back to shore from here or did I want to hold on for a ride back with them?  This took no thought at all, I had plenty of air so I motioned for him to take off and I would find a place to hold on.  Folks, holding onto a mini sub while cruising the coral reef is nothing short of incredible, it was a blast!  Every once in a while they slowed and I would swim around and take pictures, this was really a fun dive.  I ended up having to sit in 30 feet of water for around 10 minutes to decompress after all my swimming around but it sure was worth it.
It’s time for bed, my barry@coralreefphotos.com should be working now so try it again and let me know?  Have a great evening, Curacao regards, Barry



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