Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Jul 17, 09     Comments Off on Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rod Close-Up


Good evening all, just a quick note to say hi, it’s hot and all is well!!  I went back to work today but it was weird!  I have been using my left eye for so long to take pictures because I couldn’t see out of the right and now I can’t seem to switch back?  I tried all day but it feels so strange, I can see this is not going to be an easy task.  The weather here is getting hotter by the day.  That nice rain we had a week ago did help put some green back into the island but now we have more humidity and of course mosquitoes! 
This is a close-up view of the top of a Gorgonian.  A Gorgonian is a soft coral.  This is a the very top of a Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rod.  These soft corals resemble thick-trunked, branched trees and sway back and forth underwater.  I found taking this shot to be very difficult as you have to hover inches above it and try to focus while you and the gorgonian are swaying back and forth, makes for quite the challenge!
We just got our car back, cost a small fortune and still not sure what they did other than replace the battery?  Good times!
I have to get the grill going, Aimee will be home with the dogs soon and Emily is playing volleyball on the beach with the Dolphin Academy group.  I am sure to have two tired and hungry girls show-up real soon.  Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jul 16, 09     Comments Off on Deep Dive at the Curacao Sea Aquarium
Tugboat #2

Tugboat #2

Good evening friends!  I had two requests asking to see what the other tugboat looked like that is in front of the Sea Aquarium at 165 feet.  This is the only real shot I have of it, they are so big that it’s super tough to get them in a horizontal photo but will be trying again.  The front of this boat is sitting just a few feet from a wall that goes straight down to thousands of feet!  I have seen these tugs from the comfort and safety of the mini-sub and have seen parts of the wall as I went down to 500 feet on my last sub dive, and let me tell you that was cool!!  This is my friend Marco above the boat and Hans over to the left, both are Dive Masters and Instructors so I’m not kidding when I say I am in good hands down there. 
Our car died last night and had to be towed to a garage this morning, no idea what is wrong yet and as busy as the garage was we may not know for a few days!  The neighbors have been great, one lent me a spare vehicle to use today and another made me some home-made split pea soup.  I pretty much just stayed here all day not doing too much of anything.  I went to get some ice cubes out of the freezer today and couldn’t even pull the tray out, so I proceeded to spend the next two hours defrosting the freezer!  What a job, I used a blow dryer and it worked great although I made a serious mess! 
Aimee and Emily are still with the stranded whale, I know nothing more than that!  I was able to take the dogs on a one hour hike to the beach this morning besides getting rained on we all had a great time!  We still have the puppy no time to find her a home lately or pursue the leads we have.
The eye is doing great I have to go back to see the doctor on the 22nd.  See you tomorrow, Barry
Jul 15, 09     Comments Off on Sleeping Parrotfish on a Coral Mound in Curacao
Sleeping Parrotfish

Sleeping Parrotfish

Good afternoon one and all I just got my eye patch removed and it’s great!!  I can see again!  I have gone almost a full year without any sight in my right eye, it was that bad!  The doctor said it would be around two weeks before I could go diving again but that’s just fine, I will still be able to photograph the up coming coral spawning.
Over the years I have seen and photographed a whole lot of sleeping parrotfish but never have I seen one in a home like this??  When I first saw him laying on top of this coral mound I thought there would be no way I would be able to get close enough for a shot.  What I did was aim my lights down and ever so quietly swim in without any movement.  I then laid on the sand, focused and shot, but to my surprise he didn’t move??  I used two big flashes on him and he never moved a muscle, how could this be I thought to myself?  So I just kept on shooting!  This big parrotfish was not about to leave his private little castle just because we were there, he seemed to be sound asleep!  I was almost laughing at times because he looked like a fish sculpture sitting there, will have to go back on the next dive and see if this is a regularly used home for the night.   During the day this Stoplight Parrotfish is a totally different color, at night they get those brown blotches all over them and their eyes turn bright orange, for blending in purposes. 
Aimee and Emily are busy today with a little whale that beached over near the dog beach.  He or she is just a baby, it’s still alive and they are doing everything can do to try and help it.  Aimee said it was very skinny so they used two boats and a net and caught it or pushed it into shore near a local resort where they are now busy giving it liquids, food and taking blood, I think she said it was a baby pilot whale?  So I am sure she will be there for the next few days doing whatever she can do to help, I will keep you posted.
That’s about it for today, my new eye is really flickering and is making me a little motion sick need to get off this computer!  Talk to you tomorrow, Barry
Jul 14, 09     Comments Off on Spotted Moray Eel Looking For Dinner
Lurking Danger

Lurking Danger

Good evening all, I am home and all seems to be well, surgery was a success!  They asked us the day before to arrive at 6:15am to get checked in but the actual surgery would not be till 10:30?  Also along with pre-surgery rules they said no food or water after midnight last night.  So we got checked in right on time and then Aimee went back home to walk the dogs and eat being that nothing would happen for hours!  Well to my surprise at 7:00 the nurse walks in with a small tray of food and some hot tea.  I never even questioned this as I figured a hospital nurse must know what’s she’s doing even though they said no eating the night before and like Inca gobbled the food down sitting before me, yummy!  Well the next few hours I just laid in bed as they put painful drops in my eyes on the hour. it felt like they were pouring jalapeño juice in there but was a liquid to help dilate the pupils for surgery.  Aimee came back at around 9:30 and the first thing I said to her was, “I had breakfast”!!  She said, What??  Your not supposed to eat before surgery because your going to be on general anesthesia stupid!!  After that we didn’t question it again Aimee just said ok what ever they must know what their doing?  So at 10:30 they came in and wheeled me out in a wheelchair and parked me in front of the surgery door where I again waited for 30 minutes.  The nurse finally came out and said “are you ready” and I said “let’s go”!!  As she was pushing me thru the door she asked “now you haven’t had anything to eat today right”?  There was complete silence.  She must have know by the color I was turning that something was wrong and again asked me the same question again!  In a voice only a mouse could hear I said “Yes” with my head hung low.  Upon hearing the answer she said wait here and re-parked me in my little parking space in the corner.  The doctor then immediately came out and asked how this could happen and I told him the staff brought me food and I ate it, someone’s in trouble tonight!  So back I went to my room where I had to again just sit there for two more hours!  Finally at 1:00 they came in gave me a shot in the butt and off I went (although I don’t remember) that’s some good gas they got there!  I was out cold, all I remember was being back in my bed again and Aimee saying something about she had just talked to doctor and he said everything went well!  I look like Caption Jack Sparrow tonight but have no pain and never got sick at all from the anesthesia, I go back tomorrow at 2:00 to get my pirates patch removed.  Many thanks to Dr. Palm and Aimee for hanging in there and driving me home, I am now on the road to better picture taking!
This is a photo I took on last night’s dive at Pier Baai.  I watched as this long spotted moray eel slowly slithered in and out of the gorgonians hunting for un-suspecting prey.  I thought this sleeping parrotfish was a goner for sure and as you can see I was already for some action!  I don’t think the eel could see him laying there but maybe he smelled him?  The eel just bumped into the side of the fish which scared him off but there was no attack, could be that the eel knew the fish was too big or maybe parrotfish wasn’t on the menu this night.  After the parrotfish swam off to rest in a new location just a few feet away the eel did catch a smaller fish in a cave and choked it down, I think it was a brown chromis?
Off to bed, this was a hard e-mail to write with only one eye!  Bye now, Barry
Jul 13, 09     Comments Off on Mating Ocellate Swimming Crabs in Curacao
Mating Ocellate Swimming Crabs

Mating Ocellate Swimming Crabs

Good evening from Curacao!  I had a wonderful night dive last night, it was one of those non-stop “finding cool stuff every minute” kind of dives, you divers know what I mean.  Aimee and Emily got a table on the beach in front of the Dive Bus shack and ordered dinner just as we were heading in the ocean just a few feet from her table.  We found one of the coolest sleeping parrotfish I have ever seen and it wasn’t the fish itself that was so unique it was where he decided to sleep for the night that was so cool, I will send it soon.  We found countless octopus, eels of every kind, “and a few out hunting”, giant coral crabs, these mating crabs you see here and dozens and dozens of other wonderful things it was a blast.  These two mating Ocellate Swimming Crabs could have cared less I was there!  I am sure the larger male crab had spent a good part of the evening finding a mate and wasn’t ready to let her go!  If she moved, he moved, I thought they made a nice couple?  I am doing another dive here again in about an hour so I need to get a move on! 
I have to go in at 6:15 am tomorrow for my eye surgery, Aimee will most likely send your photo out to you when she can find time, I am sure I will be in bed! 
Have a great evening and fun day tomorrow, see you soon (no pun intended) Barry
Jul 12, 09     Comments Off on Baby Brave Heart Needs a Home!!
Brave Heart

Brave Heart

Good afternoon, I just got home from a long walkat Saint Joris with the pack. They are all completely crashed spread out all over the house fast asleep! This is another shot of baby Brave Heart! I am hoping someone out there will forward this to someone else and we can find her a great home, she’s one in a million! This dog is so playful and so cute,if we could keep her we would but we can only have two dogs in the house we have now. We took this picture last week at Canoa. The wind was blowing so hard it kept her ears up the whole time, it’s hard to take these kinds of pictures when your laughing so hard!
I am getting ready for a bike ride in a few hours and then going on a night dive at Pier Baai at 7:30, need to do as much as I can today before my eye surgery on Tuesday will be out of the water for two weeks. That’s about it for this Sunday, we are sure enjoying our house guest Emily, really a nice girl!
Have a wonderful Sunday and please make some calls and forward this to anyone who might be interested. Till tomorrow, Barry
Jul 11, 09     Comments Off on A Deep Dive to the Sea Aquarium Tugboats
Sea  Aquarium Tugboat

Sea Aquarium Tugboat

Good evening, I just got home from another fantastic deep dive down to the two sunken tugboats out in front of the Sea Aquarium!! I went with two professional dive masters, Marco and Hans, both friends I work with so momma if your reading this I was in good hands! These wrecks lay on a shelf at around 50 meters, or 164 feet, that’s deep folks!! The water visibility today was much better than the last time and we could easily see both tugs clearly as we made our way down the deep coral slope. Because of the depth our time was limited to just three minutes, that is not very long for yours truly to try and compose a photo? My plan is each time I go down to start learning where I want to place my model divers on the next dive and try to find the best possible views. When you see these tugs in person without lights they are a very dull greenish purple color but when you throw some flash on them the colors of the sponges and encrusting corals really stand out as you see here. I have to honestly say this is the best three minutes I have spent in Curacao! Marco spotted a turtle on our way up at around 60 feet and the boys also saw a giant green moray eel inside the boat but I was too busy trying to get a shot of the boats to see all the other cool stuff! Fun dive!
We are still in need of a home for Brave Heart guys, this is one of the best puppies ever so please help us findher ahome, she is the greatest!!
Aimee is headed out to have dinner with friends while Emily and I and all the dogs are dining in tonight at home. Many thanks for all the Birthday wishes, it was great. See you tomorrow, Barry
Jul 11, 09     Comments Off on The Canoa Windfarm in Curacao
Canoa Windmills

Canoa Windmills

Good morning all,our internet went out last night so like a good boy I got up at 5:30 to get this out before the day starts. The puppy is awake as well playing at my feet, chewing on a rawhide toy and making cute little baby sounds during the process.
Over the years many have asked me for a picture of all the windmills together, I thought I did that once but maybe that was years ago, I can’t remember, so many pictures so little time!! Anyways here they are, I think there are around 20, it’s about two miles from end to end. These things can be seen from miles and miles away as they so big and they spin non-stop night and day creating power for the whole island. You can see just how dry it is here everything is brown but I did take this before that last big rain a few days ago and that really helped the island a whole lot! The little beach we go to all the time is very near where I took this photo and is only accessible by rough little dirt roads, probably the reason we need new shocks on the car??
I did a fun dive with the baby dolphins yesterday trying tophotograph some friends while they snorkeled but the water was to dirty. Emily had her first day at work yesterday with Aimee and loved it, she came home covered in smiles! That’s about it, I may be doing another deep dive to the tugboats later this afternoon so hopefully I will have a cool new photo for you?
Talk to you tonight, Barry
Jul 10, 09     Comments Off on Flowering Yellow Poui or Kibrahacha in Curacao
Yellow Flowering Trees

Yellow Flowering Trees

Good morning friends, sorry again for not getting this out yesterday but it was another fast paced day in Curacao! We had a small problem with our guest arriving Wednesday night.First her flight was delayed from arriving at 7:00 to 10:00 and then moments later we received another update saying she now would not arrive till after midnight!!! Yikes! She arrived save and sound but we didn’t get to bed till around 1:00 in the morning! That was hard Mr. early to bed to do.
Yesterday morning I woke to find it was my birthday again, didn’t I just have one?? Aimee who thinks birthdays are the most fun day of the whole year proceeded to sing me a nice song while sitting me down next to a pile of presents!! So yes I did agree this was a great way to start the day! She had a picture of a baby trunkfish printed on canvas for me, it’s one of my all time favorite shots and now I can see it every day, I love it! My mom also sent some gifts with Emily, so we had a really fun morning of opening presents and sipping coffee with the puppy at our feet shredding the birthday paper.
We let Emily sleep in and we took the dogs to Saint Joris for their morning walk. After that I took Emilyon her first ride thru town and to one of our local grocery stores while Aimee went to a dog training class she is teaching. At 2:00 I loadedmy bike and one of our spares and took them to the Sea Aquarium. I had promised a friend at work that I would take his visiting teenager son on a mountain bike ride and today was the day. I think this was one of the first times he ever rode a mountain bike on a trail so as you can guess this ride took a long time! We only rode about half of one race loop from a few weeks back and that was more than enough for this young man, he looked like he was in great shape but I am guessing he won’t be doing much today. Well anyways, during that ride we crested a hill and to my complete surprise this is what I saw, a small valley of glowing yellow trees?? We stopped and I said, WOW look at that, he said What? I said those yellow trees what are they, I have never seen them before? He said oh yeah we also have those on Aruba where he lives they are called Yellow Poui!! This is something I have never seen here before! Right after I got home from dropping him off I told Aimee and Emily to grab the dogs and lets go I have something to show you. So we drove around to Jan Thiel and walked to the salt pans where I took today’s photo for you. We actually had to wait around foran hour asthere was no light but with a bit of patience we got the shot. What your seeing is one of the most spectacular trees on the island! After months without rain, the first showers of the short rainy season fall, this tree envelops itself within three days in a shroud of bright yellow flowers! The yellow blooms are all the more conspicuous because most of the other plants are still leafless. The bloom does not last long though; after three days the flowers drop off and only then the tree starts growing leaves, cool huh?? The Papiamento name of “Kibrahacha” has it’s origin in the very hard wood of the tree. The wood is so hard that the axe (hacha) will break (kibra) on it. So what a great birthday present to see such a thing, that is Emily and Aimee walking with the puppy and Indi on the trail below to go check the trees out in person, Inca of course is standing next to me keeping me safe.
We had dinner on the beach last night at Hooks Hut, what more could a man ask for it was a great birthday! I am going to be very late to work I have to get moving talk to you again tonight, Barry
Jul 8, 09     Comments Off on Cleaning Station at Pier Baai, Curacao
Cleaning Station

Cleaning Station

Good evening folks. I took the day off from work today to get a bunch of last minute stuff done around here before our guest arrives in just a few hours. We had another nice family stop by today around 11:00 and look at Brave Heart. She was like her name implies “Brave”, we had a house full of kids and a bunch of adults and she did pretty darn good mostly thanks to Aimee working with her every day! We will hopefully know by tomorrow if this new family wants her so stay tuned for more. Many have asked me to take pictures of the puppies with their new owners. I think that’s a great idea I will try to do that for you as soon as I can and send it out as a daily.
I did a fun little macro dive in front of the World famous “Dive Bus” headquarters today at around 2:00. I was out there a long time in shallow water laying behind a coral head on the sand waiting for fish of all types to swim up to this great cleaning station I found. First the fish have to get used to you which means it takes about 30 minutes of just quietly laying there. What’s a cleaning station you ask? It’s an area were fish swim to and stop and small little fish like these yellow juvenile Bluehead Wrasses leave the safety of the coral head and swim up to the fish and clean it, removing anything that should not be there. It’s kind of like an underwater car wash.These little fish worked their way all around this young Blue Tang who was just completely stopped hovering in mid water letting them do their thing, it’s really cool to watch.
Amazing how fast the days go by here, we have to be at the airport at 10:00 so it’s gonna be a late night. I will see again tomorrow, have a great evening or day depending on when you get this and what time zone your in! Bye now, Barry
Jul 7, 09     Comments Off on Spotted Cleaner Shrimp in Curacao
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

Spotted Cleaner Shrimp

Good day all how is everyone doing?? Feel free to answer! I have had a crazy busy day of running around doing the “honey do list” and making preparations for our new house guest that arrives tomorrow night. I spent a good part of the day cleaning out our spare bedroom that is currently being used for storing wood tools, bikes, anddive gear! After hours of finding new homes for all that stuff itnow looks like a cozy little room again and is open for business.
I just got a call from my eye doctor he said next Tuesday I have an appointment for my cataract surgery, I am so excited I can hardly stand it, finally!!! Aimee will takethe day off and bring me back home I won’t be in any shape for driving! The doctor said it would be around two weeks before I could dive again but that’s no big deal will be great to see again!!
Our little puppy slept all thru the night and has had a great day butRaven on the other hand is having a more difficult time adjusting to her new home although it’s only been a day. I just talked to the familythey said she is still a bit scared but eating well. The first puppy we adopted out”Blacky” is doing really great, I also just talked to them as well tonight, she is in puppy heaven over there! We have another family stopping by tomorrow to look at Brave Heart, I wish so bad we could keep her but we can’t.
Your photo this evening is by far one of my favorite creatures out there!! This little Spotted Cleaner Shrimpwas just a thrill to watch asit danced all over this swaying anemone.They are completely fearless, you can stick your finger out and they will come over and give you a good cleaning if needed. Their jobs are to drift from arm to arm cleaning debris along the way looking for any particles that should not be there and in return they get a nice safe place to hang out. I could easily spend my whole dive shooting these beautiful creatures. I just lay on the sand, get comfortable and try to follow him as he dances all over the anemone it would be a great video clip!
Alright I have to get back to helping Aimee clean up this place, see ya tomorrow, Barry
Jul 7, 09     Comments Off on Colorful Giant Star Coral Polyps in Curacao
Coral Polyps

Coral Polyps

Good morning all, way too much going on last night to get this out so that means you get two of these blogs today. Our top news story of the day, we found a home for baby Raven!!!! Yep finally, a friend of mine at work Frank (Photoshop Manager) asked if we still had the puppies and said he and his girlfriend were very interested! So Aimee went over to his house right after work, confirmed he has a perfect place for her and at 8:30 they both came by and picked her up! I am going to miss her the most but know that she finally has a great home! We still have Brave Heart, I thought she would be the first to goand is Aimee’s favorite because of herwonderful disposition! Brave heart did fine all night without her sister she didn’t cry once and is upstairs now playing with Indi, so all is well in puppy land!
Your photo this morning is a close-up of a section of giant star coral polyps in a color I have never seen before?? I found this in the area near the little red frogfish and knew immediately it was something a bit different because of the cool colors, will be a nice addition to my collection.
I am suffering from a real bad neck problem at the moment. I woke up yesterday morning with no problems and then 10 minutes later I could not move my neck, it was a very difficult day at work! Last night was a nightmare trying to sleep and it is still bad this morning, what a drag!!
We have a house guest arriving Wednesday night, her name is Emily she will be helping Aimee with the dolphins for four weeks as a volunteer. She is a friend of Aimee’s sister and will be staying with us so I need to get our spare room cleaned out and ready for her today, it’s going to be great to have someone help with the dogs.
Have to take the dogs for a walk going to be tough with this neck, talk to you again in a few hours! Have a wonderful day, Barry
Jul 5, 09     Comments Off on Bright Red Frogfish found in Curacao
Red Frogfish

Red Frogfish

Good evening from overcast Curacao! The day started out with loading our pack of dogs into the car and driving Aimee to work in the rain. It didn’t last long so I took the dogs on a fun one hour hike to the ocean starting from the Sea Aquarium. We ended up at a tiny private little beach just big enough for our little group.The puppies had an absolute blast and came home covered in sand and once inside the car they took two steps and fell to the floor asleep, mission accomplished! At 10:00 we had an appointment to have all three of our air-conditions cleaned, the one in our bedroom has been dripping like crazy for a week!
Around 1:00 I got a call from a friend saying they had spotted a new tiny red Frogfish! Well the air-co guy was just finishing up so I thought what the heck I have time now let’s go see if we can find it?? I was given very good directions and found it almost instantly just like he had described.I believe this is a little male, he was around three inches long and was as red as red gets, such a thing of beauty! If you look high above his eye and a bit to the right you will see a white thing laying on his body. That’s his fishing lure that is not in use at the moment. That white thing is connected to a translucent cord starting at his nose that he uses as a fishing pole of sorts. He is so cleaver, he just dangles that white thing out in front of his mouth”it looks like food or a small fish” and when a fish swims up to check it out, well you can guess the rest. Many thanks again to my friends out there who keep me posted on such great finds!!
Aimee just got home from walking the dogs, I better get moving, see you tomorrow, Barry
Jul 4, 09     Comments Off on The 2009 Brown Family Photo
Family Photo at Canoa

Family Photo at Canoa

Good evening all, by overwhelming request for a year or more here is a recent photo of our little family! To say this was a difficult picture to take would be the understatement of the year. I had the camera on a tripod, timer set to 20 seconds and then Iwould run and try to get myself in the picture, you just can’t believe how hard this was with four dogs and having to climb a little cliff each time!! Inca was by far the best she never moved an inch the whole time, she is now so trained to stay and wait for me to take her picture no matter how long it may take. The puppy Aimee is holding we have temporarily named Brave Heart, and the other with the bird design on her chest is little Raven and of course Aimee’s pride and joy Indi. You can kind of see our Curacao Flag Day shirts everyone in Curacao had these on Thursday it was quite the site. I hope this is to everyone’s satisfaction as you won’t get another for at least a year as I hate to have my photo taken, runs in the family!!
I just got back home from a walk with the dogs and had a close encounter with a local island man! We were out on the trails behind the aquarium when this local island man came walking down a dirt road holding two big rocks! Well playful Indi immediately ran to him (not barking) to say hi but he was frozen in fear thinking Indi and Inca were going to attack although neither dog ever let out a bark! He had his arms up ready to throw the rocks at the dogs and in the loudest voice I could muster I said “throw that rock and your a dead man”!! This guy was psycho! He was yelling “call em off”, “call em off” I was yelling put the rocks down and stop yelling and they will stop bothering you, your just drawing attention to yourself! It was a real mess but ended up turning out alright! I finally calmed him down and showed him that the dogs are as nice as dogs get and Indi just wants to play, she doesn’t want to bite you! He told me he has problems all the time with wild dogs attacking him, I told him maybe if yournot so defensive in the beginning they may leave you alone? So in the end as we parted I made him pet Inca and Indi and remember these two dogs if he passes thru here again.That’s a big heads up to you others that walk my trails that these locals who are scared of dogs are very unpredictable so be careful!
The rain we got was so great!! It was overcast most of the day and rained all over the island we really need it. We still have both puppies, please help us find homes!! Happy Fourth of July, Barry
Jul 3, 09     Comments Off on Bananaquit Feeding Her Babies
Bananaquit Feeding Her Babies

Bananaquit Feeding Her Babies

Good evening friends, the last photo I sent you of this momma was inside the nest, unknown to me at the time sitting on two little eggs. These babies are close to a week old now, they opened their eyes two days ago when I shot these photos. I am again standing high on a ladder trying hard to steady my camera while shooting straight into the nest praying for the best. This mother Bananaquit is so used to people which really allowed me to get fairly close, I used a 200mm lens and a big flash as she was in a very hard to get to and poorly lit area. I have watched for hours as she leaves the nest to go search for food which usually takes around 15-20 minutes each time. Upon her return she first lands nearby to make sure the coast is clear and then up she flies to the nest and feedsher babiesas you see here. During the time she is away I am sitting at a table close by, just the ladder is set up near her, once she flies in I then quietly walk over and slowly walk up the ladder to get into position, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I did notice another Bananaquit in the area as well while the mother was gone, it could have been the father keeping an eye on the nest, that’s just a guess but it makes sense. I also observed this Bananaquit carrying out little white bundles every once in awhile from inside the nest? I was told that she takes the babies poop out in bundles and dumps it, can anyone confirm this as being the truth?? The person who told me this does know a lot about Curacao wildlife so it very well could be true. Anyways just thought you would enjoy this as much as we all do at the aquarium, I will keep you posted on their progress.
It finally rained today!!!!!!!!! We are all so happy, it’s been way too long! We received three different downpours today the last one and it was the hardest, was just an hour ago, it was great! Everything on this island was in dire need of a good watering it was perfect timing and we hope it continues thru the night?
That’s all friends, it was work for Aimee and I today.We still have both puppies, the family we met yesterday was perfect BUT they are leaving now for four weeks to Holland, if we still have one when they return they will probably take one.
Miss you guys, thanks for your wonderful notes your the best! See ya, Barry



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