Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Good morning from Fort Worth Texas!! We left all our beloved friends in South Dakota yesterday and headed off to the airport saying over and over, “I can’t believe we are going home, we just got here”!! Really, it’s amazing how fast time flies and we have been there for close to a month??

Many, many thanks to all our wonderful friends for the hospitality and opening up your homes to us, we owe you big time! I think we ended up staying at six different homes while visiting and each was unique and wonderful.

Many have asked what we have been doing and I have been sending them to “The Adventures of Stijn” page that is located on the front/HOME page of my site near the top on the right side. Click on this and you can see all the photos and fun stuff Stijn and I have been doing, it was non-stop fun just about every day. I think we tried to ride almost every other day and we tried to not ride the same trail twice so we ended up seeing some beautiful areas. The Black Hills is for sure one of the best mountain bike areas around and with a newly built mountain bike park located right in the middle of the city it just can’t be beat! Besides mountain biking we went out to a real live cowboy ranch, collected fossils, shot guns, rode horses, went hiking, visited Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, went boating and rafting, and on and on, what a trip!

On Friday Stijn went with Tammi and Hannah on a fishing trip and I met our good friend Joey and a friend of hers at the Bone Collector parking lot and off we went for one last mountain biking ride. The photo above is of Joey riding through one of the most popular trails in the Black Hills called “Bone Collector”. It’s a must do if your here to do some riding but be warned it’s one of the most technical trails we have in the Hills! This trail is filled with wooden bridges, steep drops, big boulders to climb up and down, tricky turns and crazy boulder climbs for the absolute most talented riders out there, you won’t be disapointed. Stop by the best shop in the Hills called “ACME Bike shop” in the gap and ask for directions and please avoid doing any business with a company called “Two Wheeler Dealer”, what a bunch of clowns!

Well, sorry so short, it’s time for us to haul all our stuff back out to the airport and make our way back to Curacao, we should be there by 7:30 tonight!

Once again, thanks to ALL my Wyoming ranch friends, Joe and Nancy, Leon and Sheila, Tammi, Scott and Hannah, Don and Christie, Dan the Man, Joey, Dennis, Neal and Brenda, Art and Barb, Gary and kathy and Karine and Brad just to name a few, we love you all!!

Talk more soon from Curacao,

Barry and Stijn

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Good morning friends, how are we all doing today?? I’m up early again and already trying to get a million things done!!

Aimee is on the way back to Curacao this morning and should arrive around 8:00 tonight, boy does 10 days go by fast!

Stijn and I went on a fun mountain bike ride at Storm mountain last night with our friend Dennis and I did take my camera. There are a few new pictures this morning of Stijn on his link above riding through the beautiful Black Hills.

Here is a fun photo I took of a real live Western Cattle drive while in wyoming last week. The goal was to move cattle (mostly moms and babies) to another pasture that had better food to offer. They start by first rounding up the cattle which are scattered all over the prairie miles aways and to do this they use horses and quads. Once the cattle are more or less in one area they then move them to by surrounding them and more or less pointing them in the right direction, it’s quite an event to watch! Usually one cow leads and they all follow, I thought that was pretty cool. This is a slow moving event, the cows all just walk and follow the leader followed by the cowboys on horses who know just how to get them where they need to be. It was so cool to watch them all cross this little stream and then up the side of the next hill which put them out onto a new, greener pasture.

Have a wonderful day all!!


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Good morning all, I just back from the airport (again), Aimee is on her way back to Curacao but Stijn and I are still here for two more weeks. She was supposed to fly out yesterday but because of bad weather in Texas she had to stay another day.

I apologize for the lack of news lately, I just haven’t had time or I have been in areas with no or poor internet.

Yesterday Aimee and I stopped out at a friends house and got to see one of the hands down cutest little miniature baby horses I have ever seen! They call him “Monster” and he is a adorable to say the least! This is not a regular baby horse, this is a Baby Miniature Horse and he is small!! He was born May 3rd and his mothers name is Stella. As you can see he already loves this lush green grass but still needs his mothers milk as well. We watched yesterday as they let him and his mother out of the corrals and let them do their thing out in the pasture, it was highly entertaining! He has so much attitude and is so much like a baby dolphin or a baby dog, he just wants to play and eat! I will try to get back out there for a few more photos and maybe a little video as wel so stay tuned.

To say we have been keeping busy is an understatement! Our days are filled with visiting people, mountain biking, photography and eating, we seem to do a lot of eating here! Stijn has been with friends the last few days and I have been at one place just doing photos. I set up a little studio and am shooting beautiful rock slabs that will be used down the road as gallery prints, the designs and patterns are endless.

Today I will again be doing photography at home all day and at 6:00 we will head up to Storm Mountain for a fun mountain bike ride. Tomorrow I will pack the truck up again and head back to Wyoming to finish some more cowboy photos and collect a few more fossils, not sure if Stijn will be going with me or not??

So all is well, just trying to get everything done on my to-do-list that needs to be done.

Have a wonderful day, Barry

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Howdy folks from hot, dusty, dry Wyoming! Barry, Stijn and I arrived here Monday about noon and have been, as usual busy ever since. This beautiful oasis in the middle of the grasslands has hidden treasures at every turn, and  Barry has been busy trying to get them all on the camera. As you can see from this photo, he checked out the ranch tack room for authentic work gear. The amazing and generous family we stay with lives about 15 miles out of town, and as soon as you hit the dirt the pronghorn antelope appear left and right. It is especially fun because many of them have babies at their side. We each have our personal favorite activities and have been lucky enough to indulge more than once. I believe  Stijn thinks he has died and gone to heaven, or maybe just woken up in an American mid-western movie. He had a lesson in firearms by a friend of ours and was hitting a metal target 600 yards out!  Wow, did he love that. He tried rifles and pistols of several different calibers and enjoyed them all. He also was pretty hard to get off the four-wheeler, and could be seen ripping it up on the dirt roads around the ranch.  Barry of course has been taking all Stijn’s “fun photos” and you can see those on the blog as well. We even had a fun evening with Stijn dressing up as a cowboy on a big red horse in the prairie grass. He looked pretty great. All new experiences for this island boy for sure!

As for me, well this is also horse heaven. So, therefore I am happy as can be. Our host family raises Arabians, and they have many ranch quarter horses as well. Most mornings and evening they can be found at the water area, so that is where you can find me as well. Today was especially fun because I was able to go along with the cowboys and move some cattle from one pasture to a holding area for sorting and shipping. It was a beautiful morning riding along the prairie. We even came upon a group of about 9 antelope along the way. It is terrible dry here, as it is in many states right now, and today it reached 100 degrees. I tell you, these ranch folks and their animals are sure tough; it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

In the mornings we have gone to help with the feeding of some of the sheep and baby calves. That is a riot. The sheep practically walk all over you to get at the feed bucket and the racket they make raises the roof! The couple of calves that need to be bottle fed are hilarious. They push and slurp and bubble up around the mouth, never quite thinking they have reached the bottom of the bottle! Barry got some great photos of that for sure.

We were lucky enough to get some touring time and shown the amazing bird life around here, with wild turkey running in the yard to a young golden eagle nesting in a massive cottonwood tree. Their house is a true oasis with vegetable gardens, from which they place fresh veggies on the table each night, to bright and brilliant flowers in every pot and place in the yard. That is Barry’s heaven. We have also spent some time out fossil collecting, but the heat and lack of moisture has made it tough going. Well, have a great week. We have little to no internet so far out here, so that is why we have the lag in the blog.

Cheers to all. Aimee

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Hello friends, it’s me again! Yesterday Stijn and I left the house at around 6:30 am on the bikes and headed to one of the coolest parks in the Black Hills called M-Hill. This is mountain biking heaven and there are trails as far as the eye can see! We ended up having so much fun that we didn’t get home for four hours!!! The most appealing part of this trail system is there are trails for all levels of riders, you don’t have to be a pro to ride here! We found ourselves climbing one hill and going down another and did this three times in a row, it was great! Stijn did really well and even made a few of the hard technical corners and climbs, some of those areas are a true test of ones riding abbilities. The down side was the smoke in the air from all the forest fires which was making breating difficult at times but by the time we left it had gotten better.Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park (HLMP) aka “M Hill” or Cowboy Hill” is an amazing park right in the middle of Rapid City, South Dakota. This 300 acre park was a gift from area rancher Eddie Larsen, when she died she wanted the park built in the honor of her parents Ed Larsen and Etta Hanson-Larsen. That means no public money is used to support the park – that is truly a gift for the people of the Black Hills. Here are two great maps I found of the park, if your going riding here print them out and carry them with you, it really will help.



Also, I posted more photos of Stijn riding at M-Hill above so check them out if you have time!!

After our ride i spent the afternoon photographing fossils and jasper slabs, you will be seeing some of those real soon! Have a great day, Barry

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