Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Nov 30, 12     Comments Off on Deep Water Cusk eel, Ophidiidae, Eel Like Marine Fish

Good morning readers, here is another cool deep water creature to round-out my week with, a creepy looking Cusk eel. Once again this fish was found very deep with the new state of the art Curasub, www.substation-curacao.com and safely brought back up to the surface. This could be one of my new favorites as it looks like a fish up front but then turns into an eel and has cool feelers all over it’s face. This little guy or gal is about two inches in length but we have seen them as big as seven inches so really not sure how big they can get. This may or may not be a new species, we are still waiting for the Smithsonian to make that decision, so stay tuned for more info.

The Cusk eel family, consists of about 30 species of slim, eel-like marine fishes of the family Ophidiidae, found worldwide in warm and temperate waters. Cusk eels are characterized by the union of their dorsal, anal, and tail fins into a single long fin, and by the position of their feeler-like pelvic fins, which are on the throat and act as sensory devices, searching out food as the fish swims along the bottom. Some cusk eels are found in shallow water, but most are deep-water fish, growing no longer than 0.6 metre (2 feet); however, two species exceed 1.5 metres (5 feet) in length. One of these, the kingklip (Genypterus capensis), is a South African species prized as food.

It’s still raining here, it’s looking like the start of a very wet year, need to hurry and get that dumb trail finished!

I will be home all weekend finishing my driftwood Christmas tree and I just got an order for a driftwood display case so I have lots to do.

Have a wonderful weekend all!!!!


Nov 29, 12     Comments Off on Deep Water Starfish, Nine Arm Starfish, Starfishes

Good morning Amigo’s, I’m waking up with a really sore back today from being bent over in the deep water lab all day yesterday taking photos of new stuff from the deep. Here is our newest addition to our “weird creatures collection”, a nine arm Starfish from the 900 foot zone!! As I find out more about this I will update the post, I can tell you it’s super cool looking, very colorful and looks poisioous!! We are of course handling it very carefully and using gloves as we know nothing about it, better to be safe than sorry.

Curacao is entering it’s winter season now, the temps are falling and there are scattered rain storms almost every day on some part of the island. The island itself has come alive again with blooming flowers, weeds, jungle brush and vines, plants we only see when it rains here. 

Aimee is at Saint Joris this morning with the dogs and collecting more driftwood for our Christmas Tree, will be photographing it some time next week.

Not much else to report, I will keep sending more deep-sea finds as I get them.

Have a great day all, 


Nov 28, 12     Comments Off on Deep Water Toadfish, Batrachoididae, Toadfishes

Hi friends, here is yet another unbelievable find by the new Curasub in Curacao, a beautiful deep water Toadfish. This strange looking creature was found at depths close to 1000 feet, is that cool or what?? The fish is able to injest large amounts of water and blow itself up to the size of a soccor ball, I have seen it for myself!! He or she measures around 10 inches in length (uninflated) and is capable of changing colors.

Toadfish species are found in the family Batrachoididae in the order Batrachoidiformes. Toadfishes will typically inhabit sandy and muddy marine bottoms and are found in many different parts of the world. There are however a few toadfish species that live in freshwater, including Daector quadrizonatus that is found in the River Arato in Colombia, and Thalassophryne amazonica that is native to the River Amazon.

Shared characteristics among the toadfish species are the broad head and a drab coloration. Their resemblance to toads is what has given them their name. Toadfishes can also make a characteristic sound using their swim bladder. Most toadfish species are without scales. They have large heads with a large mouth, and the eyes are set high. The pelvic fins of the toadfish are forward of the pectoral fins, and are usually located under the gills.

Had a fun bike ride last night, it was short but sweet. It’s now dark here at 6:15 which means we have almost zero time after work to do anything, I will have to start leaving much earlier on ride days.

Not much else to report, we are slowly getting our house ready for our Rapid City Christmas guests that will arrive on the 23rd and stay for 2 weeks, we are very excited!

I am off to the deep water labs, they found a bizzar 9-arm starfish yesterday and some other cool crabs that I will spend the day shooting.

Have a great day all!!


Nov 27, 12     Comments Off on Deep Water Stargazers, Odd Looking Fish, Uranoscopidae

Good morning friends, by request I have another cool fish called a Stargazer that we found a few months ago at 800 feet with the new “Curasub”. And when I say “we” I mean it was a combined effort with the scientists from the Smithsonian and our crew both working together with one goal in mind, “find new creatures”!! This little beauty here was around 6 inches in length and another 1st for most of us!! The pilot Bruce remembers that it was almost completely buried in the sand when they accidently found it, just it’s head was sticking out! He also said, there are most likely many more but because they spend their days buried in the sand waiting for unsuspecting prey one will rarely ever see them!

The Stargazers are a family Uranoscopidae of perciform fish that have eyes on top of their heads (hence the name). The family includes about 51 species (one extinct) in 8 genera, all marine and found worldwide in shallow waters.

In addition to the top-mounted eyes, stargazers also have a large upward-facing mouth in a large head. Their usual habit is to bury themselves in sand, and leap upwards to ambush prey (benthic fish and invertebrates) that pass overhead. Some species have a worm-shaped lure growing out of the floor of the mouth, which they can wiggle to attract prey’s attention. Both the dorsal and anal fins are relatively long; some lack dorsal spines. Lengths range from 18 cm up to 90 cm, for the giant stargazer Kathetostoma giganteum.

Stargazers are venomous; they have two large poison spines situated behind the opercle and above the pectoral fins. Some species can also cause electric shocks. They have an electric organ consisting of modified eye muscles. They are one of the few marine bony fishes that are electogenic. They are also unique among electric fish in not possessing specialized electroreceptors.

We got hit with another massive tropical downpour again last night at 3:00 in the morning! It again came down so fast and so hard that our street and driveway instantly turned into a miniature version of the Amazon, the only thing missing were the rare pink river dolphins and crocodiles, it was truly insane! Try to picture me outside on our back porch, in the dark, holding a plastic dust pan scooping water off the porch as fast as one can to avoid it from coming inside, that was my night!

Here is something ULTRA Cool for my folks out there that want to help save the planet and know that every little thing we do does matter. Thanks Jessica!! http://www.learnstuff.com/suffocating-the-world/

Here is my Squid Photo on the NANPA site today. http://www.nanpa.org/

Lots to do, have a great day!!


Nov 26, 12     Comments Off on Two Baby Dolphins, Baby Bottlenose Dolphin, Dolphins

Good morning readers, how was your weekend?? Aimee and I were wondering if any of you were crazy enough to go out and stand in lines at midnight for the Black Friday deals or did you do what I did and just ordered it online?? 90% of Curacao residents have never even heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday this is really a US thing for sure!! But with that said once I told them about these crazy sales they were all rushing to the computers to check out what their favorite stores had to offer and in most cases the credit cards came out of hiding.

We had an epic rain storm yesterday that started at 9:05 and didn’t stop till late in the afternoon leaving the island soaked to the bone! The dogs and I got caught by surprise as we were out working on the trails and didn’t see the storm approaching. Being that the trail is buried inside a thick dense jungle I have no way of seeing what is going on around me when I am in there working. So, as I was working away I thought, “it’s really dark and very windy” I better go see what is up!! When I poked my head out to the North and saw the darkest storm clouds I had ever seen approaching I dropped everything, yelled to the dogs and just started running!! It’s a 20 minute walk back to the car but we were able to cut that in half by running but even as fast as I could go we still got soaked! Just as we got in the car it really started to pour and now I could hardly see the road, it was a complete 100% tropical downpour and honestly I have never seen anything like it! Once home I had to fight the rain by scooping trapped water off our back porch which was some what of a losing battle but if I stopped the water would come inside, where’s a wetsuit when you need one??

Saturday morning I took the dogs to Saint Joris and we collected driftwood for two and a half hours, I found so much wood I could hardly carry it all back. I am still building a Driftwood Christmas tree which will stand around seven feet tall and have around 100 pieces of wood on it for the branches. Our plan is to haul it back to Saint Joris and set it up there for a Christmas photo, let’s hope it works.

Saturday evening I left the house at 4:00 and rode over to Dorian’s house and picked him up for a fast one hour sprint to Saint Joris and Back. It takes me 30 minutes just to get to his house so I ended up getting two hours of riding in and got home right at dark.

That’s kind of my weekend, what did you all do??

Here is another fun photo from Aimee of her two new babies and I will let her tell you about this later so check back soon. Hi all, Aimee here again. This fun photo is of Macchu (above) and Alita. These babies are real friends, playing and chasing all day long. When I am underwater with this big camera, at first they are a bit nervous, then their curiosity wins and they just keep coming by checking me out. Of course, you can tell by this photo that they stick close together and are often reassuring each other by touching. This photo says loud and clear “I’m right here with you sis!” It is a new adventure every day with three young ones. It is an adventure I look forward to each morning. So… Off to work!

Have a great day, Barry

Nov 23, 12     Comments Off on Abstract Water Designs, Water Reflections, Water

It’s Black Friday gang, time for the weekend!! I had a fun bike ride last night with Dorian, his father and a friend from work, it was hot but super fun! On just about every ride we take now I try to incorporate the new trail into the ride that way it gets seen and starts to get a little worn in. The Frangipani trees we hauled out there last week are looking good but we will have to haul water back and forth for a long time yet until they are fully established.

A big apology for not saying “Happy Thanksgiving” to you all yesterday, believe it or not we just plain forgot. We didn’t do anything special here for the first year ever, we just stayed home and Aimee made Lasanna, it was great! I did get online early this morning and ordered two Seagate 1tb hard drives from BEST BUY for $69 each with free shipping, gotta love those Black Friday Deals!! 

Here is yet another NEW high rez Crazy water reflection photo I took last week over by Royal Resorts Hotel. Actually the yellow in the photo is from the side of the hotel, if the water is calm this makes a great place to shoot as the photos you can make are endless!

Off to the ocean for a deep dive, have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


Nov 22, 12     Comments Off on Baby Dolphins, Baby Dolphins Underwater Curacao

Good morning all, I took the morning off with Aimee and we both went to work on the new trail for two hours. It had rained early this morning so the ground was nice and soft making a few of the jobs easier but most even worst, you know I hate mud! The first thing we did was to dig another hole and plant another small Frangipani Tree that we had in a small pot at the house. After that was planted we walked to the end of of the trail and started dragging all the cut brush from last week into an area off the trail. I work hard at hiding all the cut material so the trail looks like it has been there forever and not like it was done by a bulldozer! With the absence of wind this morning it was down right hot out there and we both came back to the car completely soaked, it’s pretty gross! So the work continues, we are around 40 feet from being finished but will still take a long time at this pace. 

Here is another GREAT photo from Aimee, our newest underwater photographer! I told her at this rate I won’t be needed to go take baby dolphin photos anymore, you have it under control! I see I will have to make a special “Aimee Brown watermark” in Photoshop because of all these great shots she is now producing. I will have her tell you more about this photo later today so check back and see what she wrote.

Aimee here and I just love those baby dolphins! Wow, to truly get to say “I do what I love” everyday is a blessing. Barry laughs because I talk about them most evenings. Well, these two amazing little creatures are Serena and Machu. Serena is the daughter of Tela and was born on April 18, Machu (the baby closest in the photo) was born just 22 hours later, and is the son of Annie. The babies each have very different personalities and are growing and learning every day. Machu is a people lover and so bold!  He will swim right up to people in the water and he just loves to be the center of attention. He is learning very fast and is keeping us laughing. Serena is quieter but very curious. She is the one most likely to be seen tossing sea weed across the pool, or chasing fish, or today….learning how to jump with momma Tela!  The babies will nurse from their mothers for several years, but they are also eating some fish now. We don’t give them too many fish, but they are pros at trying to steal them from their mothers! You can’t even imagine how busy the nursery is with three mommas and three babies. It is just a pleasure to sit back and watch the babies learn and grow.

I need to get the underwater camera ready for Aimee again so I better go, have a great day.


Nov 21, 12     Comments Off on Colorful Water Reflections, Crazy Water, Water Designs

Good morning all, how are you doing?? It was another fairly quiet day for me again yesterday. I watched the shop all day while the sub gang went diving for almost 7 hours exploring new areas along the coast. When I got in this morning the first thing I asked was “what did you find” and the answer was, not much other than some cool fish and a blue bottle. I think they went exploring near the mouth of the harbor yesterday and we all thought there would be so much cool stuff, maybe it’s all just buried in the sand??

Here is another Crazy Water reflection photo I took a few days ago and this time I shot it with my new D-800 meaning I finally got some photos that are high resolution and can really be blown up. For years I have been shooting these kind of images but have recently found out that those pictures can only be blown up to about 8×12, that’s not very big. The other hard thing about these shots is you need super calm water and bright morning sun. We normally only get still water here two or three times a year (during hurricane season) so you can bet I will now be waiting for those calm days to arrive.

Last night after work Aimee and I pushed a wheelbarrow about a half mile (one way) and started the long process of carting out large, heavy flat stones that I will have to take all the way to my new trail in Jan Theil! Each stone weighs around 50-60 pounds and we can only carry one at a time and I need around 15-20, this will take awhile. I am using them in an area where mountain bikers will be hitting their brakes hard and I don’t want the tires digging a deep trench.

We have a sub dive at 11:15 so I better get ready to go!

Bye now, Barry

Nov 20, 12     Comments Off on Baby Dolphin, Baby Bottlenose Dolphin, Baby Animals

Good morning readers, we went to the movies last night and saw the new James Bond movie called “Skyfall”, it was as expected two and a half hours of non-stop, heart pounding entertainment!!

It was a very quiet Monday here yesterday but today we are taking the submarine far up the coast to explore some new sections of reef, who knows what will be found??

Here is a brand new baby dolphin photo for your viewing pleasure today and it was taken by Aimee, not me!! Lately I have been setting up the camera for her as she knows the dolphins and they know her and she’s a trainer, so who better to be taking dolphin pictures right?? When I go over there they usually swim away from me at top speed or do these fast appearances where I can hardly focus fast enough but with Aimee it’s play time!! The little ones are now around six months old and just as cute as can be and Aimee comes home with a new and funny story about them just about every day.

Well sorry so short, I have to do another deep-dive soon and need to get ready.

Later, Barry

Nov 19, 12     Comments Off on Jeroen Boelen in Curacao, Milka Mountain Bike Team

Good morning fellow Earth people, how was your weekend?? Mine was again go, go, go from Saturday morning till sunday night, it went by so fast but left a wake of great memories in it’s place!! Saturday morning I got my bike ready and went to meet this years winner of the hardest, longest, most difficult race in the World “The Crocodile Trophy in Australia” Meet Jeroen Boelen from “Team Milka” in Holland, one of the fastest men alive on wheels!! Jeroen was here for a week on his Honeymoon so I asked if he wanted to go riding and of course he said yes!! I met him and his lovely new bride Simone in front of Lions Dive Hotel at 8:00 and off we went, Jeroen decked out to the gills in his beautiful purple Milka outfit and me with a smile on my face!! I first took them both out for a tour of the 2006 World Cup course then we took off to ride my new, still un-opened trail, it was such a beautiful morning for riding!! After about an hour I told “speed racer” that I would take Simone back to the Substation and he can go exploring and tearing up the trails on his own, I mean really, I can’t keep up to this guy and few on this planet can! So we went back and he took off for another hour of exploring every trail we have out there and came back with a big smile glued to his face and countless scratches from the nasty thorn bushes, I think it’s safe to say, he had a blast! We parted ways at around 10:30 but I told him I would see him and Simone tomorrow at 8:00 for a swim with the dolphins that Aimee and I set up for them.

Sunday morning we met them again as planned and off they went to do their swim while I raced around shooting high-rez photos of the reflections in the water, they were beautiful. After the swim they came back over to Substation and we arranged to meet for a photo-shoot at 4:00, I mean really I would be crazy to not take advantage of having him here. The shoot went great and was soooo much fun! Todays photo is Jeroen racing at high speed under and through one of the most famous spots on my trails, called the “Overhang”, this is where most proffesional photographers hung out during the 2006 race. We had about an hour of nice light so after playing around here we went down to the beach and up to a rocky outlook for a really cool silouette shot as the sun was setting. We hated to say good-bye in the evening but all good things must end, he gave Aimee and I each a team Milka uniform that we will both charish, what a great guy!! Best of luck in 2013 Jeroen, we are sure you will do great things!! Here are a few links to Jeroen and his winning the Crocodile Trophy, this is around 1200km of racing in 10 days, can you imagine!! Check out the videos to see just a little of the course.


Lots to do today, Barry

Nov 16, 12     Comments Off on Curacao Coral Reef, Diving the Reef at Superior Producer

Hi friends, it’s Friday, boy did that week disappear fast!! I was at work at 7:00 this morning and at 145 feet by 7:15, talk about a great way to start the day!! I found a great new spot filled with beautiful clusters of sponges the only problem is, it’s very deep!! What I am kind of trying to do is figure out just what I need to photograph down there and day by day just start shooting one sponge at a time as I have so little time at that depth. 

Many have asked me about the reef around the Superior Producer and I took this photo on my last trip to answer that question. There is really no reef around the Producer itself, it sits in the sand by itself surrounded by scattered sponge bowls and little rocky outcrops. The reef on the North side of the ship is a full blown coral reef starting at 15 feet down to 100, it’s such a great spot to explore!! This is Mark again from the World famous Dive Bus Hut hovering at around 30 feet above a lush field of assorted corals, this is just an example of what can be found at the entry/exit area to the Superior Producer.

After work last night I met Dorain and his father for a very quick ride on our favorite trails. Aimee had told me before I left the house that she was going to be out there as well with the dogs meaning I need to stay away because if the dogs see or hear me they will chase me to the ends of the Earth. Well, stupid me I forgot about this and came flying down a trail with the boys and then heard a voice yelling way off in the distance for Inca and Indi!!! Yep they had either seen me or heard me and were in hot pursuit! I had to end the ride with Dorian and now go make sure the dogs were not lost, I must admit I was a bit panicked. All turned out fine, I found Aimee and the girls heading back to the car with Aimee asking me; “do you ever listen to me”?? Yes dear, sorry dear was my answer.

I am off to the sea again, we are taking the sub out and under in about 15 minutes, I think you can still go to www.seesubmarine.com to watch.

Have a great day, Barry

Nov 15, 12     Comments Off on Flock of Flamingo’s, Curacao Flamingo’s, Flamingo’s


Good morning friends, Aimee and I got up at 5:30 this morning and dug up one of our Frangipani trees in the back yard and took it all the way over to the new trail and re-planted it. Why you ask?? Good question. Our uneducated gardeners or butchers as we call them have been leveling each and every yard in the neighborhood starting with “topping” all the beautiful trees! So before they can get their hands on any of our stuff, which we planted we are taking matters into our own hands and just replanting them in a safer area away from humans. This was no easy task, we dug it up by the roots, wrapped them in plastic and hauled it in the car over to Jan Thiel. From their we hauled it in by wheel-barrow for 20 minutes to it’s new home and into it’s new awaiting hole that had been pre-dug by Aimee a week ago. About the time we got it in the ground it started to rain, good for the plant, bad for us, we then had a very cold, wet walk all the way back to the car. I think the planting was a success, we are both glad it’s done and as you can see we really didn’t want to have the “butchers” chop it down like they do everything else. 

Here is a new “hot off the press” photo of a big flock of beautiful Flamingo’s that are currently feeding in the salt ponds. There are only six species of Flamingo’s, but they are found around the world from the Caribbean and South America to Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Curacao and Bonaire both have large flocks year around, not really sure about Aruba, I know there are a lot of plastic ones!! I won’t even tell you how difficult this photo was to get and how much crawling on the ground I had to do, these birds are so hard to get close to! The word “flamingo” comes from the Spanish and Latin word “flamenco” which means fire, and refers to the bright color of the birds’ feathers. While flamingos are considered wading birds, they are most closely related to grebes genetically. Flamingos are strong but rare swimmers and powerful fliers, even though they’re most often seen just wading. When flying in a flock, the top speed of a flamingo can be as high as 35 miles per hour. Flamingos hold their bills upside down while feeding, often for several hours a day, so they can filter out their food while skimming the water. A flamingo chick’s bill is small and straight, but will develop the distinct “break” curve after a few months. Flamingos are monogamous birds that lay only a single egg each year. If that egg is lost or damaged, they do not typically lay a replacement. Parent flamingos feed their chicks exclusively crop milk for 5-12 days after hatching. This high fat, high protein substance is not like mammalian milk, but is excellent nutrition for growing chicks. Flamingo chicks are born gray or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange or red plumage.

I just did a deep dive down to 140 feet in search of some new sponges, I found them and will now go back with a camera in the next few days.

Have a great day, Barry

Nov 14, 12     Comments Off on Superior Producer Wreck Dive in Curacao

Bon Dia Amigo’s!!! Here is another shot of the coolest dive site in Curacao called the Superior Producer. My diver/model is again Mark from the World famous Dive Bus Hut, the #1 shore diving company in Curacao. Mark has been my model for years, he is one of the few people like Aimee that can put up with or tolorate my underwater diving signals and doesn’t mind doing a scene over and over until it’s right. At this depth, close to 100 feet you don’t have much time to mess around we usually get everything figured out at the surface and then get straight to work once onboard. These are the now empty cargo holds that in the 70’s were so full that it sank the ship just outside the harbor! From what I was told it was “overloaded” with Christmas goods headed to Columbia and immediatly started to take on water once it left the entrance of the harbor due to rough seas. News got out instantly that the ship was loosing all her cargo into the sea and people came by the thousands to grab what they could as it floated to shore, I heard it was complete chaos. In the days to come those with dive gear instantly started diving the wreck and brought up cases of liquor and every other item you can imagine although much was lost due to the water. Today it remains a treasure chest of marine life waiting to be discovered and if you really want to treat yourself dive this wreck at night, WOW is all I can say!!

Last week I did a photo shoot with my first supermodel named Erin Wassen, it was great! I photographed her underwater free-diving with the dolphins and for a first timer she did a super job. The photos will appear in the March issue of VOGUE magazine NL, I will let you know when it is out. She was also in this years movie “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”. Here is a link to her images and fame, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erin_Wasson 

Have a wonderful day, Barry

Nov 13, 12     Comments Off on Apricot Bass, Plectranthias garrupelus, Pygmy Perchlet

Good morning all, by request this morning I have for you one of the rarest and most difficult fish to find on Earth called an Apricot Bass or Plectranthias garrupelus. This little treasure was found at around 350 feet with the new Curasub hiding in a small gorgonian filled crevice. So very few of these fish have ever been seen that it continues to be at the top of the list of “the rarest of the rare in the fish World”. The range for these fish here in Curacao is around 350-450 feet and they are only around two to three inches in length. These little bass like others in their family eat just about anything that moves including shrimps and little crabs and are fierce hunters! Fortunately, there’s a little info on the web, and a lot of the missing details can be inferred from other members of the genus, which include the geometric pygmy perchlet (or incorrectly but commonly referred to as a Hawkfish). Both the apricot bass and the geometric pygmy perchlet are actually anthias. Unlike the geometric pygmy perchlet however, the apricot bass is actually native to Atlantic and Caribbean waters, and found at depths exceeding 200 meters.

The weather and diving here is spectacular right now!! We are having beautiful semi-cool “fall like” days and the water has been very clear.

That’s about it for me today, be well and take care of each other!!

Cheers, Barry

Nov 12, 12     Comments Off on Chapman Progress, Research Vehicles, Mini-Subs

Good morning friends, long time no talk to!! I have been soooo busy these past few days and my weekends are like a race to see just how much a human can get done in one day!

Last Friday at 1:00 we again hauled our mini-sub called the Curasub back over to our ship called the Chapman and did another “test” of loading it and unloading it onto the ship. As you can see from the first and second photo Dutch (the man in charge) and the crew have been very busy getting the ship ready for it’s maiden voyage to Klein Curacao which should happen within the next few months. As you can see everything is getting painted and is really starting to come along, the colors are just perfect. The top photo shows where our floating dock will sit during the voyage and the second photo shows the floating dock, the red crane and our newest addition a smaller dock to sit the sub on when on board. The last photo shows the floating dock sitting in the water and the sub safely docked inside, this is how and where it will be parked when on location to different parts of the Caribbean. At the end of each day the plan is to lift the sub back out of the water, rinse it off and leave it on board sitting on deck that way we can recharge it and get it ready to go again. For more info go to www.substation-curacao.com

On Saturday I left the house at 5:30 in the morning with my wheel-barrow and went to do trail work for two hours. I am really now in the worst part of the trail, it’s solid thorn bushes meaning I can only go so fast, the work is slow and painful! I did again go back at 4:30 in the afternoon as well and again pushing the wheel barrow for 40 minutes! I also spent the weekend working on a driftwood Christmas tree, actually just finding all the wood and trying to figure out how to connect it all to the trunk, will be cool if I can figure it out. Yesterday I met Dorian for an hour and a half bike ride but found out almost immediately that he was out of gas from a ride he did on Saturday?? Yeah no more double days of riding for him! Once home I took my underwater camera to Directors Bay and attempted a photo for a dive magazine but there was very little sun to make the photo work and no divers to be found so I just gave up! In the late afternoon I took the dogs to Saint Joris on a driftwood collecting trip and we found lots of great stuff that can be used to make furniture. The downside was our favorite path along the ocean is now covered in spray-painted green arrows, I just don’t get it?? It’s really sad how the locals treat this island, they really just destroy and pollute everything and now an area we thought would never be messed with is also gone.

Well, that’s kind of my weekend in a nutshell, hope all is well out there!!

Have a great week, Barry




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