Avid outdoorsman and underwater photographer, Barry Brown has spent the last 12 years documenting life above and below water in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. He is currently working with the Smithsonian Institution documenting new Caribbean deep-water species and building a one of a kind database. His underwater images can regularly be seen in Sport Diver, Scuba Diver and on the Ikelite website. His image of a "Collage of Corals" seen under blue-light at night recently placed in the TOP 10 images for the 2014 NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) photo contest.


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Mar 7, 17     Comments Off on Happy Easter Chick Photo, Baby Chicks, Cute Chicks
Jan 11, 17     Comments Off on Ranch Kids, Cowgirls, Red Rider, Farm Kids, Country Life

Good morning all, we are in New Mexico at the moment hiding from the crazy cold winter storms that are in the states above us, until things get warmer up there we will park it right here. I will be leaving Saturday morning for Bonaire shooting photos for the Smithsonian Institution and will be there for a week, will be good to get my now dry skin back in the water. 

The day before I left Curaçao I went to Klein Curacao and accidentally flooded my Nikon D-800 camera and 105 macro lens and not the way you all are thinking… I was laying on the sand shooting photos for my sea-glass book when a monster wave came out of nowhere and covered me and the camera! I knew immediately there would be no way to save the camera and lens so I went looking for the sea-glass that got washed away instead but lost a bunch of that as well, good thing we had insurance. I just replaced the D-800 with the newer D-810 and so far I am loving it!!

So to help pass the time here in New Mexico I have been photographing two super cute kids that we know out on their ranch in the middle of nowhere! Ranch kids/cowgirls have such a different life than city kids, for instance, no electricity, just solar power and the house is heated by a wood stove and kids still love the o’l Red Rider wagons as you can see above. These kids live about 40 miles from town near the white sands missile range and have horses, chickens, dogs and ducks to play with and only sometimes do they have the luxury of internet, most kids wouldn’t know what to do under these conditions. 

Not much else to report, all is well, stay tuned for new finds from Bonaire in a few days!!

Keep warm…


Jun 9, 15     Comments Off on Kids Playing at the Beach Photos, Images

Good morning from Curacao, the island where it apparently NEVER rains! I had a ton of requests for more kid photos so here’s another from our fun day at Klein Curacao. For those of you in search of the purest sand in the Caribbean, this is where you will find it! The sand here is absolutely beautiful, it looks white when you first see it from a distance but when the water hits it you see it is more of a light brown and it’s as soft as sand gets, you know… the kind you just want to roll in! The two kids we had with us were ages 3 and 5 and for them this was paradise, they even asked Aimee more than once, “why don’t we just go the beach everyday”, good question. Klein Curacao also has some of the best snorkeling around, granted there’s not a lot of corals but there are turtles and dolphins and the view underwater gives you that feeling of being in a big fish bowl. If you go, take your sunscreen and lip protection, this place heats up like no other place I have ever been to. I always tell everyone, from the hours of 10-4 you either need to be in the water or in the shade, walking around in the sun is not an option and drink lots of water!

Not much going on around here today, the island is pretty quiet these days due to the lack of tourists during the summer. I may be doing a night dive tonight to the Superior Producer, will see how the day goes.

Hope all is well out there…..

Later, Barry

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Feb 2, 15     Comments Off on UPDATE……UPDATE……UPDATE……UPDATE……UPDATE

Hi everyone, sorry about the NO blogs for the past three weeks but I am without a camera! I brought my Nikon D-800 to the States to be cleaned and serviced and sent it in on the 11th and still have not gotten it back, talk about terrible service!! For you Nikon owners NEVER send you camera to the CA West-coast facility, you will regret it like I am now! And FYI if your thinking I should become an NPS member (Nikon Professional Service) I am, and even having and paying for this apparently means nothing, I guess we should all be using Canon’s, I have heard they have amazing service!

My time here was a blast, heading back to Curacao tomorrow. I did 2 weeks of non-stop mountain biking, 1st week with Outside Magazine and the 2nd week on my own shooting a fun video that I hope to get posted on YouTube  sometime very soon. This last week I have been down at the 2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show seeing old friends and going crazy with shopping! For those of you who have never been to this event, you must put it on your to-do-list, it’s a total blast!

The Blog should start back up later this week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

Hope all is well out there, miss hearing from my regulars!

See you soon…


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Aug 22, 14     Comments Off on FREE Monkey Selfie, David J. Slater Photographer

Photo by David J. Slater NOT Wikimedia!!!!

david_selfieGood morning one and all, your gonna love this!! I have something a little different for you all today not related to the sea but a cause worth fighting for! I’m not sure how many of you know the story of the monkey that took it’s own photo using Davids camera. For some messed up reason Wikimedia thinks they own the photo and claim that the image is available to all as public domain because the monkey took the photo, talk about a bunch of stupid people!! Many of you out there know how many problems I have had with people stealing my photos and claiming that since they found it on the web they can do whatever they please, this is NOT the case! In short David “the real owner of the famous Monkey Selfie Photo” has partnered with a print/canvas comany www.picanova.com and is giving away FREE 12×8 canvas prints!!! All you have to do is pay for postage, YES you read that correctly! GO NOW as fast as you can to the link below, read all about the whole story and order your free print. With every FREE print ordered (one per household) they will send $ to the  Macaque preservation fund, you can’t loose on this one!! Please help support this cause, your helping all professional photographers keep rights to their own photos!


I’m heading out for a dive, have a wonderful weekend!!


Mar 20, 13     Comments Off on Indiegogo, Seaval Shades, Custom Bamboo Sunglasses

Good morning from the Caribbean all!! Here’s something super cool for all of you out in cyber-land today, Bamboo Sunglasses!! Yes you read that right, sunglasses made from real bamboo, I mean how cool is this?? The story is; a teenager friend of mine here on the island, named Cival came up with this great idea and is now selling them after almost two years in the making. This is our friend Mandy from Holland showing off the pair she liked the most called “ORIGINAL EARLY BIRD (DP) on their website. The glasses as you see in the bottom photo come in natural or dark bamboo for the frames and with three different types on lens, amber, grey and electric blue and they all come with a super cool bamboo case. My favorite part about them is they float and second they are so light, you won’t even know your wearing them!! The glasses are half price for the first initial shipment so please take advantage of this, you only have around 13 days to get in on this introductory deal. For more information and to order your one of a kind bamboo sunglasses go to; www.Indiegogo.com/SEAVALShades

I had a great ride with Dorian last night, it was one of those rare nights when body and mind was really in tune with each other, it was like the perfect ride! Dorian is so much like Stijn and continues to surprise me each time, his riding skills are really getting tuned in. Stijn and Dorian both won their races last weekend again, these are really two of the fastest kids on the island and I had the pleasure of getting them started, how fun is that!

Well, we have a busy day planned with the sub and a bunch of coral scientists, I will try and send a few photos.

The new puppy is doing great, her hair is growing back now at full speed, you won’t believe the next photo I send!

Ok, get your glasses ordered and have a great day!

I’m out, Barry

Jan 29, 12     Comments Off on Pay it Foward Stories, Helping Hand, Friendship
Good morning friends, meet our buddy Juan. His real name is Juan Guillermo Palomeque Padilla and he is one of the nicest people we have met here in Curacao. We see him every week because he is the man who bags and carries our groceries out to the car at a little store called Vreugdenhil which is very close to our house. Juan has been here for 11 years but his family lives in Paraquilla, Columbia and in those 11 years he has only been home to see his wife and daughter 7 times because flying is so expensive! He communicates with his wife Sofia and his daughter Jessica via the telephone which as you can imagine can be very costly as well! So a week ago with the help of a translator I told Juan that Saturday morning at 8:30 I am taking you to the airport to get you a ticket to go home! He immediately started to cry and broke down saying “May God Bless You” and so on and so forth and I replied “he already has”. I explained to him via my human translator that so many folks have helped us in so many ways and for once we are able to help you. So yesterday Stijn went with us to the airport to help with the Spanish/Papiamento translation, I would say something in English and Stijn would translate and then write it down for me in a book so I didn’t forget. We marched Juan into the Avianca Airlines counter and said “one to Columbia please” and within minutes he was the proud owner of a ticket home! We didn’t pay for this alone, our friends Ron and Aubrey left $100 for him when they were here and Sal and Patty left some $ behind that went to this cause as well so thank you all again! The ticket only cost around $500 but for Juan would take a year to save. He made the reservation for the whole month of June as he wants to be there for his wife’s birthday. He told us yesterday that his family will pick him up from the airport and then it’s about a 45 minute drive to Paraquilla where he lives. Juan left Columbia because of the violence and good jobs are very difficult to find. I believe he sends money home to his family every month via Western Union or the bank and is planning on working here for just two more years before heading back home. Like many locals or visitors he walks everywhere or takes the bus and lives entirely on tips, he does not get an hourly wage. I’m considered a big tipper here in Curacao, I give Juan or the others 5 Guilders every time they pack up our food and haul it out to the car, that’s around $2.30. So like I told Juan yesterday, “we are all in this rat race together so why not try to help someone out if you can?” Again I can’t even begin to tell you how many folks have helped us along the way and like my aunt Shari once told us after bailing us out of a jam, “Just Pay it Forward down the road”! 
After the airport adventure and returning him back to the store Stijn and I took off at top speed headed to Mount Christoffel where we spent the whole day climbing and taking photos, you have a week of those photos to come!
Aimee is off to do a swimming race and I am walking the dogs and doing two dives today! Have a wonderful Sunday!!
Nov 16, 11     Comments Off on Happy Birthday in Sea Glass to my Mom Joy!!!

Good evening one and all, we are back! Our internet has been down and out at home for the past four days but finally we got it fixed again!
So tomorrow is my Mom’s Birthday and in honor of this fine day I assembled a beach glass collage just for her!! Her name is JOY in case you didn’t get that and she lives in Arizona and yes that’s a long ways away from Curacao but thankfully we have the internet! I have told many of you before that if it wasn’t for my mom buying and teaching Aimee and I how to use a computer in the first place we may still be in the stone ages! Before she bought us our first computer (for our wedding) we knew nothing about them and were very much intimidated by the thought of even having one in the house! But like a good mom, she helped us set it up and for the next year or more was there every second we had a question or a problem! So in reality you all can thank my mom for the blog every day, without her I would be sending you daily smoke signals from the Caribbean!
Have a wonderful Birthday Mommacita, we miss you very much!
Barry and Aimee
Oct 30, 11     Comments Off on Wendy Beekhuizen the Evil Queen, Happy Halloween

Good evening friends, I have a cute Halloween “Evil Queen” for you all tonight. This is Wendy, our new Substation Intern who is here from Holland and this is her fun/sexy outfit she wore to lasts nights Halloween party at Mambo Beach. We met last night before she went out and took some pictures of her at the old 1700’s castle at Caracas Bay, it seemed to fit her costume perfectly. Wendy is 20 years old, single and is a fabulous artist! Back in Holland she draws peoples faces for some extra cash and let me tell you her drawings are great, here is her website www.wendybeekhuizen.nl  She is currently working in Adobe Illustrator designing all kinds of Substation flyers and banners and so far all her creative collages have been a big hit! One of my favorite things about Wendy is her dark hair and freckles, most of the Dutch girls around here are blond with blue eyes and all look the same so she is a nice change of scenery. So guys don’t ever say I never sent you any sexy photos!!
Have a safe and fun Halloween, later, Barry
Nov 16, 10     Comments Off on Flower Birthday Cards, Happy Birthday, Curacao

First off this evening Aimee and I want to wish my mother who lives in Arizona a big Wonderful Happy Birthday!! Like many of you out there I have a fantastic momma who manages to do so much for us even though we are oceans apart! In a big round-a-bout way my mom is responsible for you all getting these daily e-mails every day because she bought Aimee and I and taught us how to use our first computer. I can still remember how reluctant we both were to actually own a computer let alone try and work one but with her step by step instruction it was a breeze! So momma we all thank-you very much and I think I speak for everyone on the list, have a wonderful, fantastic, restful, superb, joyous Happy Birthday!!
Well lets see it rained again today, yeah nothing new there, I tell all the tourists now “Welcome to the Jungle”! I did go on a dive but the visibility was terrible due to all of Curacao flowing into the sea! I spent the whole dive using my hand as a fan and blowing off layers of silt and sand off everything, the poor reef is such a mess! After the dive I walked around trying to get some photos of two Ospreys that are now in our area, they are so cool to watch!
That’s what’s going on here, sorry nothing to exciting! Be back tomorrow, Barry
Oct 10, 10     Comments Off on Dutch Royal Prince, Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima

Good evening friends, what a day!! I was out walking the dogs this morning when work called saying we have some VIP’s arriving in an hour, so I raced home, cleaned up and got to work ASAP. Our guests were none other than the Dutch Royal Prince, Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, cool huh? Our friend Tone of the Avila Hotel suggested to them before they came to Curacao that a sub ride might be something they would enjoy and at 1:00am they called her and said “make it happen”! They arrived under the shadow of heavy security at around 9:30 and by 10:00 we had them in the sub and on their way. Today I was joined by our friend Tone on my photo dive, we thought it would be great for her to see her friends underwater in the sub and get to go with me on a short dive. The first thing we did was take photos of the sub parked in front of a wall of fish that were going crazy eating the chum we had put out earlier. After that the sub followed Tone and I to a selected section of the reef and we did photos there for just a few minutes and then we all dropped down to about 100 feet. After taking my last pictures of the Royal Family smiling in the sub we all waved good-by and sub disappeared. So since we were at 100 feet why not play around a little! Tone swam over this giant Orange Elephant Ear sponge and I snapped away, she looked like a sky-diver! One would think she has done this before, can anyone say “underwater model”?? The sub was gone for over an hour and upon their return we all greeted them as they exited the sub, I of course took photos. I must say they both seem like very nice people, it was a joy to have them with us today and of course we hope they return on their next trip. Unfortunately I am unable to send you any photos as we are not able to use them at this time.
Aimee was home sick again all day, I did go to the glass beach for an hour but that’s about it, “POOF” the weekend is gone! See you tomorrow, Barry
Sep 15, 10     Comments Off on Cowboy Roping Horses, Western Round-Up

Good morning friends, by request this morning I have another Western type photo for you all from the ranch we are staying on here in Wyoming. This is Danny again except this time in high pursuit of a herd of beautiful horses.  The goal here was to round up this group of horses that had been freely roaming the prairie and drive them into the stalls at the ranch. Danny had told me before we went out “be ready for anything” and he was right! As I watched from a safe distance Danny took off at high speed across the sagebrush covered prairie in a cloud of dust heading straight towards the herd of wandering horses. Once there, he started rounding them up one by one into a group with the help of his faithful dog and within seconds was on his way back towards me. I kid you not when I say the ground was shaking and at times all you could see was Danny riding behind the herd in a cloud of dust! If even I felt like I was in a real live Western movie it was then, you could feel the excitement in the air. I ran around with camera in hand trying my best to not get run over and try to get a good shot at the same time, not an easy thing to do but boy was it ever fun to watch.

We had another fun day yesterday out hiking and taking photos. Aimee and I found some great stuff again and we can hardly wait to show it to our friends in the business and assorted researchers.

Aimee just left to help round up cattle on horse-back and I am going collecting, hope all is well, see you tomorrow, Barry

Sep 14, 10     Comments Off on Western Cowboys, Modern Cowboys, Wild West

Good morning from Wyoming. Here’s a photo for my Dutch girls in Curacao who asked me before I left for a photo of a real live Western Cowboy! This is Danny “and girls he is single” who works daily from sun-up to sun-down as a cowboy out here on the ranch. Yesterday I got to watch as he (by himself) rode out on horse-back and rounded up a herd of horses out on the prairie. It was like watching a live Western film except with flying dust, the sound of thundering hoofs and Danny swinging his lasso over his head, it was great! He told me this is a great roping horse, I am guessing that’s because the horse is used to running fast and having Danny swinging that rope over it’s head all the time. He stopped here to demonstrate just how a lasso is used, and folks let me tell you these guys are good with a rope! In the next few days the boys are rounding up cattle and I will most likely go out and watch and I think Aimee will be joining them tomorrow to help as she is a pretty good rider unlike me.

Yesterday was beautiful here, still in the 80’s during the day! Aimee and I spent all day out in the field collecting ammonites and we did pretty well. My dear wife found something that looks like a seed from a prehistoric 130 million year old tree, it’s super cool, she found it sealed inside a big rock ball that she cracked open. While out hiking yesterday we found countless horned-toads of every size and saw beautiful butterflies throughout the day and I even found a crazy colored beetle that of course I had to shoot. Today will be a repeat of yesterday, can hardly wait.

Hope all is well, if you need to contact me or Aimee send a note to; barry@coralreefphotos.com

See you soon, Barry



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